Thursday, February 28, 2013

It’s a stereotypical porn fantasy that a sexy plumber will walk through the door and strip down naked. At The Casting Room it actually happens with hetero Anthony looking to make some extra cash when he’s not fixing pipes or playing football on the weekend. He’s got a sporty body and a mean stare. He stipulates that he will never have any kind of sexual contact with other men and he seems to really resent the idea of guys getting off watching him. So the fact this hard straight man exposes his asshole and jerks off on camera for the first time should be particularly relished.

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JOCK SHOTS is a nut-busting collection of the most juicy, ball-draining cum shots from your favorite Bound Jocks! Load after load after dick-squirting load, witness the endless Bound Jocks' explosions for your repeated pleasure. Featuring climactic eruptions from Niko Reeves, Mitch Branson, Nate Karlton, John Magnum, Micah Andrews, Andreas Cavalli, Dominik Rider, Conner Habib, Dylan Roberts, and Samuel O'Toole.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013 Tony Buff & Sebastian Keys

A black-gloved fist spirals its way into an ass that strains to accommodate it. The hole is ringed with lube and beads of sweat. The nutsack hanging low beneath is the same size as the fist. A few moments pass before the players are revealed. Naked, on his hands and knees, is Sebastian Keys. Tony Buff is the guy whose fist, and now wrist, is in Sebastian's ass. Tony's face emotes mischief and glee as he pumps his arm with slow twisting into Sebastian's warm recesses. He removes his fist, Sebastian shakes his booty and pops out his brilliant rosebud, which Tony pushes back into its hidden cavity. Tony wears pants, but hiscock and balls protrude from the open fly. Whenever Tony has a free hand, he applies a few strokes to keep his cock hard and dripping. Tony pushes harder into Sebastian's ass.Sometimes the glove disappears. Sebastian flips onto his back, yanking his cock as Tony drives deeper and faster. When Tony's fist emerges, Sebastian's hole gapes, so relaxed now that it' s slow to close. Cum begins spurting in all directions. Sebastian's ass juices provide the lube Tony needs to jack his own cock to release, pressing the sole of Sebastian's foot to his chest as he shoots onto the camera lens.

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At GropingHands sporty rugby lad Shamus is all about attitude and intimidation. When he’s out on the pitch he has a fierce imposing look as he charges through the men around him with his tall muscular body. Here he’s disarmed and put off guard as he must consent to allow these men’s insatiable greedy hands to handle every part of his body fingering his anus and skilfully manipulating his hefty cock until he’s hard and aching to cum.

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From the most trusted name in all-male erotica and continuing to set the standard in masculine appeal, COLT Studio Group and it's COLT Men are a cut above the rest. Standing at the apex of sexual expression, the Men of the COLT Icon Series are the cream of the crop.

COLT Man Steve Kelso is the definition of natural, rugged masculinity. His dense hairy chest, his warm smile and his lean muscled physique have all earned him a dedicated and adoring fan base. Featured on many magazine and calendar covers and appearing in his very own movie "Intimate Hours" (featured in "Waterbucks") Steve Kelso is the face of the COLT Legacy. We present to you here a collection of images that are a testament to Steve Kelso's status as a COLT Man Icon.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Austin and Lance Finally Together!

Austin Merrick and Lance Alexander Finally Together!

One of my favorite surf buddies is Austin Merrick. A couple of weeks ago we were surfing at Black's Beach when Austin mentioned that he really enjoyed hanging out with Lance Alexander the last time he was in town. He was hoping they were going out later that night but Lance had to catch a plane home. The next time Lance came into town I called Austin and told him we would be spending the day at a friend's house in Palm Springs and would he like to join us. Well after a couple of hours laying out by the pool I could see that the pool wasn't the only thing getting heated! I made my usually offer. You guys take it to the bedroom and I will film it for my website. So here it is, 2 of my best bud's having a great time together. Watch and enjoy as Austin Merrick fucks Lance Alexander!

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At BrutalTops, jamming four fingers into the slutty sub's hole, Master Billy lubes up it's anus ready for a good fucking from the two handsome Tops. This wedding suit fitting is turning into a raucous bucks party, complete with spit-roasting a whore. Masters take whatever they want, when they want and these two Tops are no exception, their brutality of this sub is making them more and more sexually aroused.

Sub peter has been begging for a taste of the young men's sperm from the moment they walked into the fitting room. What better humiliation then; To gob the combined Master's hot sticky loads into it's waiting mouth, but denied the pleasure of being fed straight from their perfect hard cocks.

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Chris Taylor is a California kid all grown up and ready to take on whatever comes his way. A student by day and a bartender at night, this bad boy loves all things cars and bars. Here we catch up with him after a night at work, as he relaxes, kicks off his shoes and gets comfortable. Unzipping his pants, he grabs at his crotch and traces the outline of his cock through his underwear, before popping the shiny red dome out of the top of the waist line. Fingering his shaft, he lets his pants fall to the ground and leans back on the desk with his legs spread wide and his cock growing in his hand, shooting you a sultry gaze as he grinds his cock against his leg, then looking over his shoulder as he pulls his cock between his legs and jerks himself off reverse. Finally he suspends pretense and lets his load fly, covering himself in jizz as the shadows bounce off his sweaty body and he throws his head back in satisfied exultation.

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Cody call dick in a piranha tank

Cody call dick in a piranha tank

Želimir Žilnik - Nezaposleni Ljudi / The Unemployed (1968)

Matt Klemp in 'The Toilers and the Wayfarers' (1996), 1m, 67-70m

Exxxorcismos - Completa - 4-4

Exxxorcismos - Completa - 3-4

Monday, February 25, 2013

Kassierer-Casting Spirit from the Street 2011 Freitag

Da die Mächtigen DIE KASSIERER eines Tagen streben müssen bzw. in Rente gehen werden, haben sie die Entscheidung getroffen eine Nachfolgeband zu casten. Diese wird allerdings niemals ein ähnlich hohes Niveau erreichen. Durchgeführt wurde dieses Casting vom unbeschreiblichen Wölfi!

GoGo brasileiro Dançando en la demence - Palma de Mallorca

French Ruggers in the showers


Hard straight man Shamus is bound with his legs akimbo giving pleasing access to his ass at BreederFuckers. His big meaty butt is given a viciously hard flogging over his jeans while verbally abusing him. The soles of his feet are caned to tame him further. When he’s subdued his asshole is fingered, penetrated with a vibrator and then he’s given a good hard fucking so this hetero knows what it’s like having a cock up his ass.

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