Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Army Lads


BoundJocks.com: Brenden Cage

Bound Jock Brenden Cage has been left tied up and gagged on the matt after his big match. The outline of his bulging crotch can be seen through his singlet as he struggles to get free. Rolling around, Brenden finally is able to work his hands free and when he does he goes straight for his rock hard and pulsating cock. He strokes out his remaining frustration with a big, hot juicy load!

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EricDeman has a new home made video of a football team celebrating in the showers jumping up and down and singing while naked. This is horny real footage of sporty guys caught naked. EricDeman has thousands of hot videos exposing real straight men.

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RagingStallion.com: Behind The Big Top

Circus strong man Rogan Richards likes to admire himself in the full-length mirror in the props tent. He's shredded and massive, with a hairy chest and pierced nipples. Rogan hits all the bodybuilding poses until his muscles bulge. Wait.he spots something in the mirror: Logan Vaughn is blowing Leo Domenico. Leo's fat cock is juicy with saliva. They know they're being watched, and the interplay of voyeurism and exhibitionism ratchets up the sexual suspense. Rogan shucks his coveralls and angles his chiseled abs to watch himself jack off, watch Leo get sucked and still give an eyeful of hard manflesh to the duo. Lust compels Rogan to join the guys and create a three-ring circus of their own. First he feels up Leo's hot-n-hairy chest, yanking off the t-shirt that kept it covered. Just watching Rogan and Leo feel each other's chests will make your dick drip. Logan and Leo team up to suck and rim Rogan. Then Logan gets the center ring; his hole and mouth remain filled with cock fo r the rest of the scene, and it's a tie as to who can take a fatter cock or a deeper pounding. Everyone shoots massively, but Rogan's output equals the others combined

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Group shower - men on men K18

Clip from the Lair series. Adult content. Not for easily disturbed.


comment se déshabiller à poil ;)

wicklow footballers get there kit offmpg

blessington footballers get there kit off

fundraiser nite in aid of blessington gaa some clips from a great nite in murphys bar blessington

Волгоградский НУДИСТ Андрюша - открывает купальный сезон

Mag jowa

Body builder

Monday, April 29, 2013

Ludo Mich - The making of Lysistrata (1976)

"Filmmaker, painter, sculptor, holographer, musician, performance artist and Fluxus associate Ludo Mich adapted Aristophanes' bitingly satirical poetic comedy into a strictly personal ludic burlesque. All actors perform naked. This was due not simply to the budget being too small to accomodate the appropriate costumes and regalia; the director also intended to use this particularity to heighten the impact of Aristophanes' anarchistic ideas. The original version was shot in a mixture of Dutch and (mainly) English. This highly personal, eccentric interpretation was shown at film festivals and museums worldwide."

Video: Chris Goyvaerts, Roger Steylaerts, Cherica Convents, Flor Bex.

Cast: Jacques Ambach, Guillaume Bijl, Annie Cré, Armand De Hesselle, Frieda Diels, Herman De Laet, Denis Denys, Emi Denys, Nicole Van Goethem, Vera Goyvaerts, Jozef Hermans, Erik Kloek, Alain Mathijssens, Ria Pacquée, Jan Terbruggen, Daniel Weinberger, Frans Weyler.

A cRaZY night with the strippers!

Locker Room Pics

Caught showering


NextDoorBuddies.com: The Deep Therapy Clinic

Alex Christian has popped into a little countryside massage parlor for a rub down on his way home from the office. He's seen the small storefront for years and always wondered about the place. Well after a long day of board meetings, he's finally checking it out. A young man by the name of Josh Long is providing service on this particular late afternoon. When Alex enters, he greets Josh with a 'hello,' but receives no salutation in return. Wearing nothing but a blue pair of tightly fitting underwear, Josh simply motions for Alex to remove his clothing and lay down on the massage table. Alex does and the rubbing begins. Josh kneads and manipulates slowly and carefully. Alex melts under his touch. Then Josh moves the focus of the rubbing a bit further south, squeezing Alex's butt cheeks. Alex is slightly alarmed at first, but can't believe how good it feels. Josh pulls Alex's shoulder back, suggesting he flip over. Alex does and Josh pulls down Alex's underpants. Alex can't b elieve what's happening. Josh takes Alex's cock in his hand first, then in his warm, salivating mouth. He sucks with tenderness and passion while Alex enjoys. Then Alex accepts Josh's hard dick in his own mouth. It's quite large, but fits perfectly between his lips. They move to a bed with fresh linens and Alex has a taste of Josh's sweet asshole. Then comes time for what makes this massage clinic famous: Deep Therapy. See Josh slide his throbbing boner into Alex's tight hole and pound it firmly. You'll know why customers keep cumming! Enjoy!

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Ruggerbugger have explicit photos of Bradford Bulls rugby player Luke Gale with his trousers down showing his cock at the urinals.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jean-Hugues Anglade as Louis in 'Nuit d'été en ville' (1990), 2/6, 1¼-1½m, 6½-7m

Лнг Ч 1

Cristian Stelluti as Marchese de Mirvel in 'L'educazione sentimentale di Eugenie', 6/6, 2:28-3:32

Gérard Depardieu as Gerard in 'La dernière femme' (1976), 9-13m, 19½-20½m, 34m, 37¾-41m, 42½-43m, 67¾-68m, 70¾-71¼m, 76¼-76½m, 90½-91¼m, 93½-95½m, 101½-102m

Isolated: The Zo'é tribe (full documentary)

This series (Amazonia: Last Call) travels across Brazilian landscapes by way of one of the main links still binding the essence of humanity with the Earth: the Amazon.

The filming of the first point of contact with an isolated race, the Zo'E, the encroachment on areas of the Amazonian forest previously uncaptured on film, the evidence relating to the development of the illegal trafficking of species or the recording of the immeasurable value of Brazil's natural spaces; these are just excerpts from the series.

The underlying theme is the conflict between the development and conservation of one of the key natural areas underpinning the stability of the planet.

één neukende janus

Kronberg Aufstieg 2006/2007

negro encuerado en el periférico sur

Outside the locker room _English rugger initiation


Turkish Guy in Sauna

HotHouse.com: My Doctor Sucks (Scene 2)

A chaotic day at the hospital leaves Doctor Jimmy Durano in the mood for some fun. When Jeremy Stevens complains of lower abdominal pain Dr. Durano decides he needs a colonoscopy - but not before receiving some special treatment. Durano cuts Jeremy's underwear off then rolls him over to shave his ass baby-smooth. Despite patient Stevens' protestations, Durano continues his unconventional exam with the speculum. The anal probe has a visible arousing effect on his patient so Dr. Durano takes Stevens' cock in his mouth. The good doctor sucks Jeremy's dick then strips and shoves his thick Latin cock in his patient's twitching hole. The ass pounding seems to be working so Durano orders Stevens to bend over the exam table so he can go even deeper. Durano slams Jeremy's ass hard then pulls out and shoots his load. Dr. Durano finishes his treatment with a furious hand job that pumps a hot load out of Stevens' huge cock.

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The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek catches a builder jerking off by spying on him through the window of a caravan.
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NextDoorEbony.com: The Gardener's Touch

There's a new boy tending Draven Torres's patio plants. His name is Lawson Kane. He's a tall, well-built, dark and handsome young man. Flowers are his specialty, but he can accommodate various requests for assistance.Draven is just meeting Lawson for the first time. Lawson moves slowly closer as he senses Draven's come-fuck-me eyes. They shake hands. Draven begins explaining that the last boy followed whatever directions Draven would give him. Before he can go into detail, Lawson moves in close and the two lock lips. Draven goes to his knees and pulls out Lawson's fat cock. As he sucks, Lawson's enormous cock hardens and slides in and out of Draven's mouth fervently. Soon they move inside to a couch where Lawson sucks Draven's meat. Then, after some 69ing, Lawson shoves his massive boner into Draven's sweet, tender asshole. See these two fuck only minutes after becoming only slightly acquainted. What a way to earn points on the first day of work. Enjoy!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

DylanLucas.com: Seth Bond Shower Solo

My Bud Seth Bond was surfing near my place and was running late for work so he asked to stop by and shower before work. I reminded him about my rules, you come to my place I get to film you. Well what was supposed to be a quick shower became a lot more. Enjoy Seth in the shower! Oh and damn he was late for work!

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COLTstudiogroup.com: Off the Hook, Scene 5

Meanwhile, back at the office co-workers Lucas Knight and Hunter Page have spent most of a slow afternoon at work checking out hot guys online and fantasizing about hot sex. Worked up and rock hard they turn their lustful attention on each other, stroking their bulges and licking their lips with hungry eye contact. Sitting across from each they lower their pants, showing off and stroking their monster cocks for each other. Lucas breaks the tension and hits to his knees, slurping and sucking Hunter's big piece of boy-meat. Stripping off the last of their clothes they daringly indulge in a mutual suck-fest right in the middle of the office. Hunter's deep throated servicing has Lucas moaning with pleasure. The excitement of sucking cock in the office has both guys so turned on that their boy-loads cum gushing. Hunter leans back in his office chair and spills a thick load high on his chest. Lucas is right there with him as he fires off a drenching shot of steamy hot cum. and then another. and then another, spraying several impressive shots of dick juice as the sexual tension washes away in a river of nut-busting cum.

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Top Up Down Bottom