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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

Handsome trainer Fred is accused of fixing the races and conspiring with his jockey. Now the hairy fella experiences what it’s like being put on display like a prize stallion and rode by a jockey. The heady manly scent coming off from his naked body only encourages the greedy clothed men to have their way with him roughly handling his muscular sexy body till they are satisfied.

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Les Dieux Du Stade 2013 - François Rousseau

Straight guy preparing for his first gay experience.

Zachary is straight guy who is new to working in our offices. He has no idea what he's in for this day.


Sexy Stripper Dancing at Long Beach Gay Pride. 2012

booty shaking on a hand stand

Начинающей стриптизер Рома 2013 .mp4

Голыми за пивом. Naked guys went shopping

Киров. Сходить за пивом "в чем мать родила" решили трое молодых людей на улице Лепсе. Голые любители пенного напитка отправились в магазин в самый разгар дня да еще и на глазах десятков прохожих. Один из них снял не стеснительную компанию на камеру мобильного телефона.

Очевидец с камерой заметил голых и явно нетрезвых молодых людей, когда те выходили из магазина. Не смотря на свой внешний вид, они без проблем купили две трехлитровых бутылки пива и пол литра водки. Молодые люди так обрадовались покупке, что не стеснялись ни прохожих, ни видеокамер. А самый раздетый из них даже отважился по позировать автору видео. Вскоре о "голом марше" очевидцы сообщили в полицию. Но по словам прохожих, молодые люди успели убежать домой и продолжить дневное застолье.

Hamer bull jumping ceremony South Omo Valley

The most important event in Hamer ssociety is the Bull Jumping Ceremony, the culmination of a three day long initiation rite. In the late afternoon of the third day, after the women have been beaten to show their love of the jumper, 6 to 8 bulls are lined up in a row (it used to be up to 30 bulls!). The initiate, stark naked and sporting a demented unkempt Afro hairstyle, has to leap onto the back of the first bull, then from one bull to the next, until he reaches the end of the row. He must then turn around and repeat the performance in the opposite direction, then a third and fourth time, before he has proved his worth to everybody's satisfaction. Should he succeed, then he may take a wife.


The first version of Glory premiered in 2003 at the Kitchen in New York City when Wade was based in New York City. The 2006 version described here continues to be performed by the now Berlin-based Wade with Marysia Stoklosa. See for more information..

PAUL POET & Ensemble Jean Louis Costes : Satan Mozart Morato

PAUL POET & Ensemble Jean Louis Costes : Satan Mozart Moratorium (Auftragswerk /Uraufführung)

Jean-Louis Costes - La sorcière et les morts- Extrait 02


JEAN LOUIS COSTES Halle Saint Pierre (6/6) Paris 13/02/2011

JEAN LOUIS COSTES Halle Saint Pierre (5/6) Paris 13/02/2011

JEAN LOUIS COSTES Halle Saint Pierre (4/6) Paris 13/02/2011

JEAN LOUIS COSTES Halle Saint Pierre (3/6) Paris 13/02/2011

Sodoma Gomora feat Butchers Harem-Splatterrape


fine doccia

inizio lavaggio

sempre in bagno

Vents - 1983 to 85 - Photographs by Laurence Salzmann

La Baie/Bath Scenes - 1974 - Photographs by Laurence Salzmann

Masturbating in Public

This freaky perv was doing the Adult Peep Show walk of shame...doing the glory hole limbo is one thing but this guy had no shame.

costes baloard 2007 B

Felipe haciendo su aseo personal

Мужик на день города зажигает в Костанае

голый авдонин АТЕНШН

Top Up Down Bottom