Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ruggerbugger have caught MMA fighter Cody Pfister naked being weighed in for a championship!

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Pack Attack 8 (Scene 1)

Muscular pig-bottom J.R. Bronson wants all the huge cock he can get so he gets on his knees and demands to be fed. Doug Acre answers his call first. The young blond stud drops his jock to let his thick 8-incher flop into J.R.'s mouth. J.R. screams for more so James Ryder steps up and feeds J.R. his giant cock. Hearing J.R.'s cries for cock, Levi Madison comes in and shoves his monster down the greedy stud's throat. After getting a taste, J.R. continues to order more dick so Luke Milan comes in. The good-looking young hunk pulls out his thick tool and lets J.R. get his fill until Mario Costa comes in. Mario whips out his 10' horse cock and J.R. goes to town. Now that he's surrounded by every huge cock in town J.R. works his way around the pack, sucking each dick as deep as he can take it. His expert oral skills are rewarded when every one of the hot tops shoots his load all over J.R.'s washboard abs, chest and legs.

Скачай это ВИДЕО!

V-Nightmares 3 - Moss & Mould

V-Nightmares 4 - ICE

Choreography: Thierry Smits - Creation 2007 - More info:
Video credits: Anne Closset

As a four-fold imagery, V.-Nightmares spreads its creation over a whole year in an ongoing study of the cycles of seasons and of life. A life of moving scenes and multiple aesthetic confrontations, where the seasons explore the borders between dance and performance, each in their own way and as counteract to Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

The coda of V.-Nightmares, ICE is as white as snow. And as black as death. Wintry ice is omnipresent. It transcends the ultimate body of death into a morbid pleasure, emphasized by the violent expressionism of hot-and-cold contrast.

Svetina, Pandur - BABYLON, 1996

Ivo Svetina
Režiser / Director: Tomaž Pandur
Dramaturga / Dramaturgs: Livia Pandur, Staš Rauter
Scenograf / Set designer: Marko Japelj
Kostumografa / Costume designers: Svetlana Visintin, Leo Kulaš
Skulpture / Sculpture: Oskar Kogoj
Glasba / Music: Goran Bregovič
Koregraf / Choreograph: Edward Clug
Oblikovalec luči / Light designer: Franci safran
Oblikovalka maske / Mask designer: Mirjana Djordjević
Igrajo / Cast
Ksenija Mišič, Radko Polič, Livio Badurina, Brane Šturbej, Primož Ekart, Alojz Svete, Svetozar Cvettković, Milena Muhič, Ivana Boban, Irena Mihelič, Darja Švajger, Ivo Leskovic, Franci Gabrovšek, Ivica Knez, Maša Židanik, Nataša Sirk, Anica Sivec, Alenka Cilenšek, Zvone Funda

Kamere/ Camera: Tone Stojko, Simon Stojko Falk
Videoproredba / Video adaptation: TOne Stojko
Premiera / Opening: 10. 3. 1996
Betacam SP

Jiří Korn L A S K O

Show Room Dummies-Spot On Koreografisk Platform

Remake of the piece Show Room Dummies premiered at AICC 2010. Fresh version for the koreografik platform in Copenaguen, Spot On. December 2010.
Choreography and performance: Andreas Constantinou and Noelia Mora Solvez

Caught in the shower 02

Caught in the shower


Will Gonzalez in 'Amazonia: the Catherine Miles Story' (1985), 38-40m

An 18 year old Catherine Miles graduates from her boarding school
and takes a trip with her parents to the Amazon. While on a boat
ride, her parents are brutally murdered by a local cannibal tribe
and she is taken prisoner. In order to survive, she adopts the
customs of the tribe with the help of a warrior who has fallen in
love with her, all the while planning vengeance for her parents'
death. He later helps her to escape, and now free, she goes to
find who exactly was behind the death of her parents

dai bay o nam dinh.mp4


Walking Naked Saigon (ENJOY IN HD)

Walking Naked, a work in progress. This video will be made in places that I travel. Although I cannot make the video everywhere I travel, I do it when I have a few days in one area or an idea to do it at a specific place, for example, from The Great Wall of China to the madness of the motorbike scene in Saigon, Vietnam. This video project is about patience, simplicity and freedom.
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