Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It’s hard enough fit young straight man Wayne to be groped and sexually used by pervy men at BreederFuckers. Now his arms are tied and his legs are spread so he’s completely exposed and vulnerable to whatever the men want to do to him. A string of pegs are attached to his body. His dick is teased and aggressively jerked until he has a big stiff erection. His orgasm is ruined as the pegs are pulled off in one go making him holler in shock and putting every nerve ending in his body on edge.

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6 estriptis de 6 creadors. Reportatge del programa La Mandrágora de TVE. Veu en off: Mitzi Kotnik. Imatge i so: Navarra-Hervás. Guió i realització: Maite Guisado.

boca de ouro x264

Ator baiano Jefferson Oliveira, interpretando Boca de Ouro, uma perça de Nelson Rodrigues.

www.martinwullich.com - BERNARDA ALBA AL DESNUDO

Leer nota: http://www.martinwullich.com/vernota.php?id=832
Escena de "Bernarda Alba al desnudo", según el original de Federico García Lorca, con puesta en escena y dirección de Germán Akis y Raul Baroni. Teatro Arlequino, Buenos Aires. Julio 2010

El dibujo sensitivo y expresivo de la figura humana. Parte I.

Aplicación del lenguaje lineal en la representación expresiva de la figura humana con modelo vivo en tiempo pautado y estímulo musical. Video cedido por Cecilia Crocsel.

cats mouse play - shabash band

cats mouse play - shabash band from dracat on Vimeo.

Ropedancing suspension bondage performance by shbash band Moscow dec 2011

доминирующий кот

доминирующий кот from dracat on Vimeo.

доминирующий кот. Выступление на фестивале БДСМ фишинг июль 2012




Native American Supremacy

Native American Supremacy from Søren Berner on Vimeo.

"White man, we are going to take your truth away!" performance by Christian Falsnaes and Søren Berner Amsterdam 2006

Teaser Tragedie

Teaser Tragedie from Tommy Pascal on Vimeo.

Olivier Dubois Festival d'Avignon 2012 Réalisation: Tommy Pascal

"The Mirror"

"The Mirror" from francisco blanes on Vimeo.

This video performance is about the visual topics of western culture, focusing on the idea of representation, through paintings, cinema and contemporary…

COLTstudiogroup.com: Armour, Scene 3

In a darkened dungeon setting and with a man-sized leather sling at his disposal, hairy muscle-god Adam Champ stalks for prey. With his Priape leather pants, harness and a leather hood drawn back behind his neck, Adam looks ready for some serious play. Also lurking by the sling, Jake Genesis is geared up and ready for some hot action. His bare ass exposed in his red COLT jock strap and a Priape leather half-harness, Jake meets Adam with a hot lip lock. Lowering to his knees, Jake dedicates his mouth and throat to satisfying Adam’s monster uncut cock. Slurping, sucking and stroking, Jake gives Adam’s hairy body some much-deserved attention.

Hot sucking and stroking has both men rock hard and ready for more. Adam turns Jake around and feasts on Jake’s hot muscled butt, probing with his tongue he gets Jake’s hole sloppy wet and ready for his big tool. Bending Jake over the sling Adam drills his meat deep and hard, grabbing hold of Jake’s harness for better leverage and even deeper thrusts. Jake takes it hard and groans with pleasure.

In the sling Jake lifts his ass for more hard and intense fucking. Adam delivers a power-fuck as Jake strokes his nut-sack full of cum. As Adam dick-drills his ass, a hot load of cum gushes from Jake’s throbbing cock. Covered in his own juices, Jake jumps out of the sling and onto his knees. Ready for more hot cum Jake takes Adam’s hot load as thick streams of cum shoot down Jake’s sweaty chest.

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2 am Naked Door Answer

2 am Naked Door Answer from Killian Salah on Vimeo.

It was late, she was drunk, we were annoyed. We decided to have some fun with her.

Lingma masszázs

Lingma masszázs from Taknyos on Vimeo.

Den goda mannen / The Good Man

Den goda mannen / The Good Man from Britt Marie Trensmar on Vimeo.

Documentary about Britt Marie Trensmar and her work as a photographer.

Al aire libre en puente peatonal de mi ciudad.

Al aire libre en puente peatonal de mi ciudad. from NUDISTA11 on Vimeo.

Es muy emocionante para mi, desnudarme al menos por unos minuticos en un lugar publico, donde alguien me pueda observar.

ASAN Trippeldusj

ASAN Trippeldusj from LOS&CO on Vimeo.


URANUS from Moreno Solinas on Vimeo.

Two white planets took the place of my eyeballs.
As the sea dried up it left a pool under my tongue.
The people I love turned into the viruses of an incurable illness.
It was a nightmare.
I turned it into a solo.


URANUS is a performance for body and voice. Love and sex, need and fear, spirit and fluid. Entertains the audience with song and performance, then sets them a challenge they weren’t expecting.
Top Up Down Bottom