Tuesday, January 22, 2013

HighPerformanceMen.com: Derek Parker

Derek Parker told us that he is an exhibitionist at heart and also loves to masturbate. So much so, that he said is was a form of 'Self Expression' for him and he really gets off knowing someone else is watching him. So, High Performance Men is pleased to bring you Derek Parker in this very intimate, sexy and piggy solo performance. Derek quickly undresses for our cameras and gets right to work on his beautiful cock. He then turns around and goes to town on his ass, spreading his ass cheeks wide for everyone to see his beautiful hole up close and personal. As he fingers his hole, his cock responds and he is soon hard as a rock. He strokes his cock vigorously and cannot hold back any longer as he shoots a big load all over his stomach for us. Since he is a cum pig he begins to lap up the cum off his fingers and he loves every drop of it. He then steps into the shower to clean off, take a piss and give us one last view of this studs stunning body! Enjoy...

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Cocky young Shamus comes poking his nose around the BreederFuckers lair. As a representative for the landlord he feels entitled to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong so it’s only fair to let him know what happens to prying straight boys. His arms and legs are bound and his clothes are cut off from his body. Subjected to breath control, his dick, bollocks and ass are fondled and flogged. An anal hook is inserted up his tight rectum. His body is covered in pegs. They are pulled off in one fell swoop while his ass is give a hard whack.

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клеил окна - заклеил член(подарок).mp4

Macumba Antropófaga

Presenting Darth Vader

On self portraiture, the artist as model, science fiction, fetish, horror, pornography and drawing.
... and the act of 'presenting'.. in the sense both as artist presenting to the spectator and as animal presenting for sex.
Each frame in the story board is the product of the compilation of hundreds of self portrait drawings .

This is using the camera as drawing tool.

marc stripping



RagingStallion.com: Marcus Ruhl & Zeb Atlas

Zeb Atlas is bigger than huge, with biceps the size of his head, and he’s smooth from nose totoes. Marcus Ruhl is the muscle-struck fan who coaxes Zeb off the stage for a one-on-onemuscle party. Zeb’s cock is a smooth swallow for Marcus, whose roving hands are all overthe rest of Zeb’s body. Zeb makes his massive pecs dance as he looks down at Marcus,whose cheeks are hollow with suction as he punishes his throat with humongous cock.Marcus, who has plenty of muscles himself, as well as some body hair, gets flipped aroundand bent over a stool so Zeb’s dick can sample his other hole. Zeb pistons and Marcus’sflesh moves outward in ripples from the force. A change to sit-fuck lets Marcus control howfast, hard and deep he gets fucked and his cock ticks away the rhythm. Zeb increases thepace like a runner in the final stretch, the cords in his mighty neck standing out in high reliefas he and Marcus spew thick ropes of jizz.

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Art exhition - Video performace. Concreta gallery.





Водокрещение в Гидропарке 19.01.2013

Макс Фирсов

Крещенское купание в проруби 2013!

голый мужик


Йорданівська традиція українців очищатись від нечистого
Якщо надворі мінусова температура, і навіть пара іде з рота, а люди голяком занурюються під льодову воду просто неба, не бійтесь -- це не божевільні. Вони святкують Водохреща.
«Погляд» пропонує переглянути минулорічні святкування Хрещення Господнього, аби поповнити досвід українців у «боротьбі» з лихим.
Церемонія освячення води відбувається, за давньою традицією, просто неба на берегах річок, струмків, озер. Напередодні Йордана поруч з ополонкою встановлювали вертикально хрест, який часто обливають буряковим квасом для забарвлення або прикрашають його барвінком та гілками сосни.
Тільки у день Хрещення Господнього вода набуває цілющих властивостей і зберігає їх протягом року, лікуючи тілесні та духовні хвороби.

Boy 19 year get naked for fotoshoot

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shower sven-peeters

Guy getting his arse waxed!

As punishment for taking a small holiday Guy from the Breakfast Show was made to get his arse waxed.
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