Thursday, January 24, 2013

New at The Casting Room, brutish young straight lad Spencer is living life to the full fucking in clubs and earning extra cash where he can by boxing. While he gets turned on when his buddies film him screwing chicks he’s disgusted by the idea of another man touching him sexually. He’s very shy about showing off his tight asshole, but the director makes sure he spreads his cheeks to show everything off before watching him work up a big stonking erection.

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Straight boy Tomas finds himself thrust into the spotlight and made into the new Groping Hands bitch as the pervy men strip and grope him. It's difficult for him to maintain his macho demeanour while they shove their fingers and dildos up his ass. We reckon that he really finds the experience of having his ass played with a revelation; He'll be begging future partners to penetrate it.

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Cosán Dearg Scannán Dobharchú

An excerpt from a documentary by Scannán Dobharchú about the making of Cosán Dearg, a collaboration between choreographer Fearghus Ó Conchúir, director Jason Byrne, composer Julie Feeney and performer Bernadette Iglich. It premiered in Project Arts Centre in 2005 with the support of An Chomhairle Ealaíon. Caught Hard

Sebastian Conally and Jayden Ellis are just sort of wandering around when they stumble upon an empty private gym. With no one around, the two survey the layout and assess their options. Though neither one of them are particularly gym oriented, being surrounded by all the equipment does put them both in the mood to work out a little, so they improvise with each other and get their sweat on the old fashioned way. Joey Hard actually uses this gym, so when he stumbles upon the crack in the door and looks inside to find the two guys pounding away at each other, he realizes it is his lucky day. Busting in on the guys, he cons them into assuming the position for him, and before they know what has happened, Joey’s got his dick out and is shoving it into Jayden from behind. Thrusting and pumping from behind, Joey has his fill of both of the guys, until they wise up, and decide to turn the table on him, flipping him over and laying him out on the bench press, Sebastian penetrates Joey’ s sweet ass while Jayden fucks his face. All this cock is just what Joey was looking for, and he strokes his dick as they poke and prod him, ultimately busting their nuts all over him just as he strokes his own dick off into a massive explosion of jizz.

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