Saturday, January 26, 2013 ARMOUR, Scene 4

of metal headgear. Hunky assistant Dirk Caber is searching his toolbox for the right tool. When he gets a look at the erotic headgear Bob is working on, Dirk starts thinking of a more manly tool for this job. Sliding his hands into Bob’s suit, Dirk leans in for a deep and hungry lip-lock.

Taking a little play break, Bob pulls out his power sander and uses it against Dirk’s bulging COLT Basics jockstrap. The intense vibrations of the padded sander have Dirk’s hard cock throbbing. After enjoying the intense stimulation, Dirk shows his gratitude by hitting his knees. Bob unzips his leather suit and unleashes his big meaty tool for Dirk to enjoy.

After plenty of give-and-take cock slobbering, Bob bends Dirk over and give’s that furry jock strapped ass a deep and generous lube job. Probing with his tongue and finger, Bob has Dirk’s man-butt ready for some drilling. Taking it from behind, Dirk grunts and groans as he takes a hard fuck. Splitting that hot ass Bob drills, pounds and hammers away. Dirk lets Bob know he is loving every inch of his cock as he flips over and lifts his legs to take it deeper.

Bob grabs Dirk’s meaty dick and jerks him to the edge. As he fucks hard and strokes faster, Bob has Dirk blowing his load in gushes as he continues to take a hard pounding. When Bob is finished draining Dirk’s cock he unleashes a massive eruption of hot cum, shooting far and covering Dirk in his man-sized load.
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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

At Miss Holten is enjoying the opportunity to teach this masculine father Mr Turner a valuable lesson. During his time at the school he caused nothing but trouble but always managed to avoid the retribution. Now she has him right where she wants him, on his hands and knees in front of her and vulnerable. The women have already administered a good firm smacking, but the fierce teacher gives him a harsh bare handed spanking while his humiliated naked son watches.

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Adam 'Marine' Bartlett masturbate in cam show live

UPLB Oblation Run 2012 UPLB

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'Silip' (1985), 2/2, 23-28m, 33-36m

Silip | Elwood Perez | 1985


friend takes away towel too soon. Content For January 10-16

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Borat Mankini at Spring Break

In March 2012 Spring Break at Panama City Beach FL was introduced to the mankini...there were mixed emotions, but mainly hilarious and angry homophobia.

Mankini run! Lol

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