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Race Cooper is a high-profile young man. He lives in a fast city with fast people, and scarcely has time to do housework or make food and drinks. That's partially why he hired a man-servant. And it's a huge reason why Kiern Duecan has paid a visit this evening.

As they chat about the activities of the week, getting comfortable out on the rooftop patio, Kiern asks Race for a drink. Race summons Rob Lee, or "Jay" as he's affectionately called by his master. Rob sashays out with two screwdrivers on a platter, the kind Race always has served to his guests. Rob wears only a white apron around his waist. Kiern admires Rob's full, jiggling ass cheeks as he walks away. "He full service?" Kiern asks. "Whatever you want," Race replies. A few moments later, after being summoned again, Rob is sucking Kiern's swelling cock. Race moves close to the action, leaning in and kissing Kiern. Then the trio moves to the living room to continue the servicing. Rob is switching between the two fat dicks in his face, taking each deep, one at a time. Then he finds himself fulfilling his master's next command, having his hole licked and toyed with while Race himself face fucks him hard. Then he's being treated when Kiern decides he wants a taste of the servant's boner. Race takes advantage of the situation and fucks his lucky guest, firmly and relentlessly. This is the type of upscale get-together that's possible when one has the opportunity to reap the fringe benefits of owning a man-servant.

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A shaft of sunlight penetrating the tree canopy reveals Danny Palick and Jackson Taylor necking in the woods. Danny's farmer tan gives him a country boy appeal, but when he slips the wife beater off Jackson's lithe, tan body and runs his tongue down one of Jackson's cum gutters, you know this country boy has got some serious libido. Jackson's jeans come down and his boner pops up and out, defying gravity, right into Danny's hot mouth. They trade positions. Looking down, Danny gets a great view of his cock gliding smoothly between Jackson's lips, which part with the pressure while still grasping Danny's hard, fat shaft. While Jackson's head moves rhythmically in and out, he reaches up to twist Danny's nipples, never breaking eye contact. Danny sucks his precum off Jackson's tongue, then Jackson sits on the cock that's lubed with his spit. The cowboy position lets them make out while they fuck. Danny clasps Jackson's tan-lined buns while Jackson bounces. They exhaust three more ultra-hot positions before the probing and pounding pushes Jackson over the edge and he sends a fountain of jism across his washboard abs, soon to be joined by Danny's thick, wet load.
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