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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

Big strong hetero man Fred has gone very quiet and submissive now that the men have fully taken control of him at His tender prick is aggressively tugged by the demanding suited men. The smell of his lubed up cock fills the room as they handle Fred. They assert full control over the hairy brute draining him of his sperm.

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Cute Patryk is extremely extroverted and daring for someone who looks so young and sweet. He dreams about being a highly paid porn star and spending his whole day fucking chicks which brings him to audition at TheCastingRoom. Smooth bodied with a tight untouched ass, the only thing which indicates his bad boy nature are a couple tattoos which adorn his healthy fit body. He may have more than an average amount of sexual experience for someone of his age, but he still has a lot to learn and try. It will be exciting to see how far he goes if he continues chasing his dream of being a porn star.

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Johnny Torque has been here before. Contracted by this weird couple to assemble their various sex apparatii has become somewhat of a regular side job for him. In this case, he brings Lance Alexander along to help him out and make a little extra cash. Lance is clearly out of his element somewhat, looking at the makings for what appears to be a jail cell, he wonders out loud how it will be used. Eager to demonstrate, Johnny has him sit down and then he pulls his cock out and feeds it through the bars into Lance's waiting mouth. Lance, full of both understanding and cock, takes Johnny's rod deep down his throat. Moments later, with the prop jail door long since ditched, both guys are naked and swordfighting as Johnny lowers himself down and returns the oral favor on Lance. Getting harder and hornier by the moment, Lance bends over and lets Johnny ease his cock inside, and Johnny goes slow at first, but can't help his hunger and begins pumping with reckless abandon. Lance lets ou t a moan of pleasure as Johnny's thrusts pound him deep inside, and both guys are ready to explode, so Johnny pulls out and they look at each as the spew oozes from their cocks in a milky murky ode to roleplay.

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No Skin Off My Ass (1993) pt. 1

No Skin Off My Ass (1993) pt. 1 from César Othón on Vimeo.
Bruce LaBruce's first feature film/primer largometraje de Bruce LaBruce

Well Nourished Caucasian Male

Well Nourished Caucasian Male from Glims & Gloms on Vimeo.

Well nourished caucasian male is a solo performance by Tuomo Railo. He explores the basis of his dance expression. The simplified stage setting and the piano music focus the spectator's attention on Railo's motion language, its diversity and unexpectedness.

"The feeling of insecurity - fictional or real - was the starting point of my work. In my mind I had the instruction launched by the American dance entertainment format: Dance for your life! I've also examined the theory of Indian dramatic art. Natyasastra, the more than a thousand- year-old textbook of Indian dance, lists nine moods, tastes and juices (rasa) that a performance can arouse in the spectator. In my work, I have explored the bhayanaka-rasa or the horror. The oppressive mood of my work is created by the limited platform I dance on, as well as the piano music which instigates panic. A video is projected behind me and light abstractions are built on it. They are negations of Rorschah's inkblot test."

In addition to the choreography, Railo has created the sound landscape, wardrobe and the action paintings, which are shown as video projections.

Full (2001)

Full (2001) from Simon Ellis on Vimeo.

Undressing sequence (projected video) as part of performance of "Full" at Glass Street Gallery, Melbourne, June 2001. Camera by Elizabeth Boyce, sound by Jacqueline Grenfell, edit and performance by Simon Ellis


Star from Danny Lessley on Vimeo.

This is a piece that I need assistance with developing. I am trying to make it a big budget feature film. I may include Computer Generated Imagery, animation, and other resources to improve, and develop the piece. There is a segment near the end, for approximately 5 minutes with me posing naked. I have more than 30 hours of music made, and more than 100 hours of film created, that I hope to use to further develop the piece. This presented, is only an artistic piece, for development. I am trying to sell the piece, before it is made, to one of the major studios; Walt Disney Pictures, Sony, Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount, and 20th Century Fox. From their agreement to purchase the piece, a loan will be obtained for the budget. If you can help me with this, please send me a message on Facebook.!/danny.lessley . Send comments to E-mail: . Thank you.

David, by Ayelen Parolin

David, by Ayelen Parolin from floris van cauwelaert on Vimeo.

flapper nudes 1

flapper nudes 1 from mikeemery on Vimeo.

Naturist Wellness with Danish Naturists in Frederiksberg Swimming Bath (with English Subtitles)

Naturist Wellness with Danish Naturists in Frederiksberg Swimming Bath (with English Subtitles) from Danske Naturister on Vimeo.

A short movie about our special wellness events for naturists 3 times a year in the winter season. Read more at…

Future Sex Love - Level - 04/08

Future Sex Love - Level - 04/08 from Boate Level - Fortaleza on Vimeo.

Casino Babylon - Boate Level - 11/08

Casino Babylon - Boate Level - 11/08 from Boate Level - Fortaleza on Vimeo.

Naked Boys Singing Mexico

Naked Boys Singing Mexico from Ser Oled on Vimeo.


M I N O T A U R E from Guillaume Pons on Vimeo.

Projet labyrinthique 2011 - 1014
1 / 6
Création 2011 / Cie La Ligne de Désir

"Je te vois.
Ce que je vois,
c'est l'image de l'étoile.
je suis contemporain de l'image,
pas de l'étoile.
l'étoile est peut-être morte depuis longtemps.
il y a toujours un délai.
on ne peut dans l'absolu, peut-être par nature, jamais être contemporain de rien."
R. Cayre.

Chorégraphie / mise en scène : Richard Cayre
Interprète: Stéphane Léchit
Lumière: Guillaume Pons

Captation : Antoine Rodero / CUMAMOVI
Montage: Guillaume Pons


lingual from Kevin Simmonds on Vimeo.

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