Tuesday, February 5, 2013

HotHouse.com: The Sub (Scene 1)

Standing at over 6 feet tall, hung muscular hunk Alexander Garrett hardly looks like your typical sub. When Jimmy Durano finds the Latino powerhouse lying on his back stroking his giant uncut cock Jimmy makes it clear who's in charge. He goes down on Alexander, sucking his thick dick and balls, then licks his way down his shaft to the stud's tight hole. Jimmy uses his tongue to loosen him up then slams his rock-hard cock into Alexander's big muscle-butt. Jimmy fucks the towering giant on all fours then flips him over on his back and pounds a load out of him. Like a good sub Alexander gets on all fours and finishes Jimmy off by sucking him dry.

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At BrutalTops Master Derek has placed an airtight rubber hood on james. Not only is the sub blind, but his only means of breathing is via a mouth piece his Master has complete control over. Derek can cut off this pathetic sub's air supply just by squeezing the tube tightly in his strong hands. Tugging off his boxer shorts Derek bends over and sticks the end of the hose against his puckered asshole, his pungent anal odour will be all that james can taste as he breathes in.

Master Toby enters sporting a very stiff penis that the sub will take care of for him, not that james can see or hear anything. Sitting down on the sofa, the Top strokes his thick erection as Derek manoeuvres the sub into position for one hell of a fucking - What a lucky bastard james is.

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Arrogant young hot guy Shamus is tied down and ready for a lesson in total humility. Having already had his ass cheeks flogged his butt is incredibly sensitive. Adrian binds him so his rear is pointed up in the air. His tight white pants are snipped off him leaving his bare bottom helplessly exposed. Every whip from his captor’s cane causes this strong macho man to buck violently against his restraints. It drives him crazy that he can’t stop the ceaseless beating his ass gets. Fighting in vain against the ropes that bind him, Shamus’ sore bottom trembles helplessly. Adrian selfishly gropes the lad’s sizeable cock and balls and exposes his tender asshole while mercilessly whacking him. Just when Shamus thinks he can’t take anymore Adrian climbs on top of him and aggressively fucks the bound hetero until tears spill down his cheeks.

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RagingStallion.com: Marcus Ruhl & Paddy O'Brian

Paddy O’Brian takes up residence in one of the room-sized tents on the North side of TheWoods. The sleeves are torn out of his red plaid shirt, which is the only thing he’s wearing.Paddy reclines on a pillow, legs spread, playing with himself. His cylinder of flesh is as thickas his wrist, and it serves as a beacon. Fellow camper Marcus Ruhl invites himself in,reclines alongside Paddy and helps himself to a mouthful of cock. Paddy watches intently asMarcus feeds, flexing his hips to set a pace that makes his balls boil. Marcus gurgles andslurps contentedly. These studs are working each other so hard they build up a sweat. WhenMarcus stands to shuck his shorts, his muscled arms, quarter-sized nipples and heavy uncut cock loom into view. Paddy nods approval and Marcus lowers his meaty buttocks onto thewaiting beer can that is Paddy’s cock. Paddy grabs both buns and Marcus groans out inpleasure and pain as he accommodates the entry. Paddy gives Marcus a moment, thenpounds him in every which way. Paddy’s enormous cock tests Marcus’s endurance to itslimits until there’s no alternative but to spray the tent with their spooge.

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Tortura no CDP de Aracruz11

Tortura no CDP de Aracruz5

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