Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Getting Cumfortable

Cody Cummings likes them young and willing... guys who are eager to please but just a little bit apprehensive. Cody likes them like that because he likes to take control and slowly dictate their experience with him. Wesley Crow is no exception. A pretty new cummer, Cody has seen him around the house for a few days but hasn't gotten a chance to be alone with him until now. Putting Wesley through his paces, Cody discovers whether or not Wesley has what it takes to go the distance, and Wesley discovers that there is more than one way to get comfortable, and that it's all fun and games, til Cody puts his dick in your mouth.

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Dean was cheeky and light-hearted when he first arrived to audition for porn. He isn't smiling now as he arrives for his Groping Hands session. An extremely well-brought up middle class boy whose only desire is to screw lots of women. But he finds himself submitting to a more thorough examination by pervy men on a grey afternoon between his university lectures.

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So I guess the secret's out. My surf buddy Brock Cooper loves jerking off on the beach. We went surfing for a couple of hours and when we were going to head back to our cars Brock told me he was going to hang back and jerk off. I convinced him to wait until I went to my car and got my camera. And the rest of what happen that day is here for all of you to enjoy. Brock Cooper heads back to the beach!

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