Thursday, February 7, 2013 ARMOUR, Scene 5

Sitting in the hot seat, a shirtless Dolan Wolf looks cautiously into the shadows at his interrogator. COLT Man Bob Hager is a menacing figure, standing in a cloud of his own cigar smoke, bare assed in his army green Priape Leather Jock and top harness. With night stick in hand Bob moves in to begin his interrogation.

Blowing smoke and taunting his subject, Bob seems intent on getting what he is after. Dolan maintains confident yet obedient eye contact completely at Bob's mercy with total willingness to co-operate. Bob gets up close and very personal as he thoroughly inspects Dolan’s exposed torso and growing bulge.

Knowing what Bob is after, Dolan hits his knees and uses his teeth to unleash Bob’s big cock from his leather jock. Dolan slurps and swallows, making Bob moan as he gets that piece of meat throbbing. Satisfied that his subject is willing to co-operate Bob opens up the interrogation further, opening Dolan’s leather riding pants for a deep throated investigation of that big tool.

Face-to-face Bob and Dolan stroke each other’s big cocks. Manly grunting fills the air as both men let loose a gushing flow of white hot cum, lips locked as they unload each other of every last bit of dick juice. This interrogation ends with mutual satisfaction.

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Dominic is a swarthy popular outgoing guy, the sort who always got the girls and had a large following of friends at school. He has a high sex drive and thinks that because he has a hard on half the day he will make an excellent porn star. As a straight man with traditional values he doesn’t believe in having anything more than straightforward sex. Even the suggestion of a woman playing with his arsehole makes him laugh and shake his head in disgust. Here he’s fully revealed, arsehole and all even if he won’t let us touch it.

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Naked near university of thessaloniki and a busy street , Gymnos apenanti

naked walk with my friend in the center of thessaloniki 2 .wmv

Naked near auth university, Gymnos apenanti apo to panepistimio

Dont fall asleep in the casino toilets Sounding 8: Tony Bishop

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Razon 1 (Uncensored) - 100 Razones por las que no puedo tener hijos

Making the most of the snow

Dean from Big Brother

Крещение 2013.wmv

Swimming in the Lake Ladoga.

In the baptismal font

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