Sunday, February 10, 2013 Bottoms Up!

High Performance Men presents Bottoms Up! Starring Joe Parker and Alex Adams. Joe and Alex had an instant connection when they met and and because of this mutual attraction, Joe asked us if Alex could be the 1st person to fuck him on camera. Fans have been waiting and waiting to see Joe Parker bottom and the wait is finally over. Joe and Alex begin by kissing each other deep, passionate and hard. Soon Joe is on his knees pulling out Alex's thick 8' cock and sucking it long and deep. Alex then pulls out Joe's 9' cock and does his best to deep throat it to the hilt. Soon Alex is on all fours as Joe burrows his tongue deep inside Alex's ass. Joe eats his ass with gusto and then sits on the couch as Alex lowers himself down on his cock. Alex rides Joe like a cowboy at the rodeo as Joe matches his thrusts pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside Alex's eager hole. Joe then puts Alex on his back and continues fucking him long and deep and Alex is loving every inch of Joe's massive cock. Alex then bends Joe over as he buries he tongue and face deep into Joe's ass. Joe moans with sheer joy at the feeling of Alex's tongue and then begs Alex to fuck him. Alex starts out slow as he plunges his full thick cock up Joe's super tight ass. Once Joe is comfortable, Alex intensifies his thrusts until he is fucking Joe hard and deep. Joe then sits down on Alex's cock and is loving every minute of it as evidenced by his own rock hard cock that is throbbing with every thrust of Alex's cock up his ass. Alex grabs Joe's cock and starts stroking it and Joe cannot hold back any longer and he shoots a nice load of cum all over with Alex's cock deep inside him. Alex then pulls out and shoots a thick creamy load of cum all over Joe's chest. The two finish with a passionate kiss. Enjoy!

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Weigh-in Взвешивание спортсменов

Спортсмену пришлось снять трусы во время взвешивания See More of the Guy Next Door!

"My name is Justin Owen, and I'm a Next Door Male."
Jake Owen is a California cutie, easy going and easy on the eyes. He's working the bag inside the gym, and then working out a little extra energy down on the mat. Tearing open his velcro fly, he drops his shorts to his ankles and then squats down and spreads his legs, stroking his cock and playing with his balls. His tan skin glistens as he works up a sweat, throwing his head back against the bag and smiling a salacious grin before bending over and rubbing his ass with the side of his palm, shooting his load all over himself and closing his eyes until the next time.

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Ruggerbugger have revealing new candid photos of CA Bastia footballers Ben Idrissa Derme and Johan Blonbou celebrating in the locker room and showing off their bulges in their tight wet underwear.

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The SneakyPeek cameraman catches a sexy smooth assed guy changing in the pool locker room and secretly films him through a hole in the wall. SneakyPeek has hundreds of horny hidden camera videos to download and save.

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Russian bath

Крещение 19 января 2013

mijando na Rua em Rio Claro

pappa cambia l'acqua al pappagallo

Naked Manu TRS


Eduard Gabia & Luca Lionello in 'Cover-Boy' (2006), 37-39, 59-61, 83, 85m

'Tjenare kungen' (2005), 30m

Det är 1982. 19-åriga Abra bor i lilla Billingsfors och är den enda punkaren. När synthbandet Happy Gigolos sticker därifrån efter en misslyckad spelning hänger hon med till Göteborg och bestämmer sig för att starta ett punkband, Tjenare kungen, tillsammans med Millan. Drömmen är att få ge ut en singel till jul.

Jag äger inte upphovsrätter. detta är för underhållssyfte endast

'Macho Dancer' (1988), 11m, 15-18m

Comme un Frere (film vf) gay no sex


A film I made a while back with two other people about a life model called Milan, who works at our uni. Our theme for this was to interview an interesting person. We chose a male life model as there are a lot of misconceptions about life models as a whole, and many people often expect them to be female. On the whole I was very happy with it!

Экстремальный трамплинг


Fucking with friends while they shower

Linkon Valentino - Stripper Boy

Noite dos Top GoGo Boys do Club New Meio Mundo, no Bar do Hélio, em cascadura.
Apresentação de Magaly Penélope.

Party Hard Crew aka Party Hard Dudes Extreme naked running

Kids walks naked to Co-op to buy cucumber and lube

Chris Monk attempts this Facebook dare

Drunken Dude

my man cute ass

Puppet show penis

Top Up Down Bottom