Monday, February 11, 2013 ARMOUR, Scene 6

The essence of ARMOUR. two muscled gods clad in thick leather armor, indulging in the lust and passions of amour. The devilishly handsome and hairy chested Adam Champ has met his equal in the dark and debonair charms of muscled stud Jessy Ares. With a dungeon bed as their play-pen, these men come together for a steamy hot session of carnal desire.

Passionate opened mouth kissing leads Jessy to where his lips yearn to go most. Stripping away the front panel of Adam's leather kilt Jessy feeds his hunger on Adam's swollen uncut meat. His ass is on full display in his leather jock, Jessy gives Adam a view to die for as he services that huge tool.

Mutual sucking, stroking, rimming and kissing stoke the fires of passion higher and higher. Jessy climbs on top of Adam's hard, hairy and bulging body and impales his round ass on that throbbing hard dick. Grabbing the overhead bars, Jessy uses the dungeon bed like a jungle-gym to ride Adam's hot cock. Adam drills and pounds to his heart's content, delivering a hard and punishing fuck as Jessy moans for more.

Face to face and mouth on mouth, Adam and Jessy stroke their loads in tandem. Adam's cock spews a thick batch of cum, his foreskin gliding over the head of his swollen meat as his load erupts. Jessy strokes faster and faster until he joins in on the fireworks - a steaming hot jet of cum shoots from his stiff and aching cock.

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At BreederFuckers sporty Guy has been using his mouth to talk down to everyone around him so it’s time he learns that mouth was made for something else. Tied down with his masculine hairy body on show a dental gag is fastened to keep his mouth permanently open and ready to receive. He’s fucked with a dildo on a stick while being verbally abused. His cock is teased and when he’s fully erect his captors pour hot wax over his glans and balls till he’s coated and moaning beneath his gag.

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EricDeman has more horny videos of guys filming themselves getting off together at cruising sites. We’re going wild for these hot videos filming themselves rubbing their cocks together and sucking each other off.

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(USA) American Boy Is Horny For Fuck Jesse Santana & D.O.

Jesse Santana and D.O. venture deep in the woods for a scorching tryst. Jesse is backedagainst a redwood, locked in an intense embrace. The seat of his jeans is shredded and fiercely kneading those scrumptious buns. Scrumptious means D.O. can't wait to bury hisface in that musty crevice. He licks it, chews it, spits on it and plugs it with his thumb likecorking a wine bottle. Jesse is overcome with the need to be taken. He ferociouslyface-fucks himself on D.O.'s engorged cock until the blood vessels in his neck seem likelyto burst. D.O. has to stop him or bust a nut. Then D.O. claims the rest of his prize, pushingJesse against the tree again and fucking him through the torn pants he is still wearing. Jessereaches through his legs to finger his hole and clasp D.O.'s cock while he's getting fucked.When Jesse can barely stand any longer, they move to a stump. Jesse hyperventilates whenD.O. tongue-fucks his freshly-fucked ass, then plunges his nose into the relaxed andyiel ding hole, and then give Jesse a second serving of cock. When Jesse grabs his swollencock, it spews jism all over his chest and pierced nipples. D.O.'s mighty orgasm follows,arcing high and long onto Jesse's face and hair and into The Woods beyond.

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