Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MenOfMontreal.com: Kenzo Masi


Kenzo Masi is of half Italian, half French Canadian descent. He works as a miner in the Northern reaches of Québec, and makes his way back to Montréal every few weeks, where he sidelines as a male stripper in one of the city's gay nightclubs. Soon to be 24 years old, this 5'8', 165 lbs. Pisces was very comfortable for his first time ever doing porn. Re-enacting his SWAT Team stripper routine for Marko Lebeau, he maneuvered his constantly hard 8' caliber weapon with such ease, jerking off teasingly and rubbing its head with his abundant pre-cum. When Marko asked him how big his tool is, he simulated grabbing it with both hands and said 7'... Honestly, too many of our guys tend to low-ball (so to speak!!) their cock size. He definitely sports a 7.5 or 8' uncut dick.In contrast to many of the city's strippers, Kenzo actually keeps his body hair... Must be because of the extreme cold up North. It's trimmed and really hot, and adds to his manliness!! And, he doesn't mind playing w ith his butt hole either. Kenzo was very playful throughout the day, and during the photo shoot, he decided to cuff his hand and cock together. Our photographer had such a fun time capturing him using his cuffs, his gun and flashlight.Kenzo's cum shot was quite the blast! Loads and loads of protein gushing from his stiff dick. Mindful of not staining the couch, he actually pulled out his briefs to shoot on. So polite!Working with Kenzo was so much fun. He is such a laid-back and comfortable guy. So let's hope he wants to come back for more!!

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At BrutalTops, muscular convict Nick keeps in shape by working out at every opportunity. With sub james now sharing his jail cell he has a place to dump his sweat - the sub's mouth. Putting james through his paces Master Nick works up a real sweat, press-ups, dips and pull ups, all performed so his ass crack or cock get serviced in the sub's slutty wet mouth.

Post workout his body glistens with perspiration. Lifting his arm he orders james to detail his torso and chest with it's tongue, paying extra special attention to his stinky wet armpits. Just when james thinks his task couldn't get any more arduous, Master Guy comes into the cell after a long hot day on duty, demanding a tongue bath from the sub as well.

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HotHouse.com: Pack Attack 8 (Scene 3)

Never satisfied, J.R. Bronson calls in James Ryder, Doug Acre and Levi Madison for more gang bang action. James steps right up and feeds J.R. his rock-hard footlong cock while Levi goes in on J.R.'s hole. Doug strokes his thick fat cock as he watches his buddies take care of J.R. until they flip J.R. over on his back so Doug can suck the muscular bottom's cock. James continues to fuck J.R.'s face until he cums, followed by J.R. who shoots a long thick stream of jizz into his own face.

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mera miada.. belen las margaritas

Будни путинской России

То, что вы все видите каждый день, но стыдливо отворачиваетесь не замечая.
У вас нассано на лестничной площадке и насрано на коврике перед дверью? Соседи с утра до вечера слушают шансон и выбрасывают бутылки пакеты с мусором прямо в окно? Нет? Значит вы уже нашли способ уехать из России.
Те кто скажут, "А я живу в котедже, у меня высокий забор и мне все равно", лукавят, иначе не поставили бы такой высокий забор и не спрятались бы за ним... К тому же их забор тоже обоссали... Они просто делают вид, что не замечают запаха.
Апогей оскотинивания России!

Автором видео не являюсь. Снял неизвестный "режиссер". Монтаж аудио - мой.

Голый как рыба в воде.avi

Russian soldiers

Sauna Lad


soccer poping out

Top Up Down Bottom