Thursday, February 14, 2013

New at TheCastingRoom, Michael is a tough fit sportsman. As a trained fighter he’s used to dominating the room, but here in the confines of the casting room he’s the one naked and at the casting director’s command. Although he’s only interested in working with women he’s instructed to pose his lean muscular body on the table presenting his cock and asshole for inspection. The director gets a rush staring directly into the eyes of this hard man and ordering him to pull apart his ass cheeks.

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Jessy Ares & Esteban Del Toro

Jessy Ares, with his bohemian good looks, and sleek Esteban Del Toro meet on a publicbench. They find it hard not to touch each other, and when you see how Esteban's ass fillsout the seat of his jeans, you won't blame Jessy for wanting to touch. Transported to a sexyliving room, they can get naked and indulge every sexual whim with the windows wide openfor all the passers-by to see and hear. Jessy is burly and furry while Esteban has a perfectdefinition without much bulk. You also get primo looks at that ass, without the denimcovering. Esteban lunges like a panther for Jessy's cock, moving the foreskin of his owncock back and forth over the head while he sucks. Jessy zeroes in on Estaban's sweet hole,massaging it in circles with his thumb so his tongue can go deeper. Then Jesse explodes inan attack that sends their lips crushing together while his cock drives deep into Esteban'shole. Esteban curls first into a fetal position, then he jumps on top for a sen suous ride thatsets his massively erect penis swaying. Jesse's slams so hard and fast, his balls must hurt.Esteban's hole is stretched to its limit. Jesse pulls out as Esteban climaxes and their streamsof jism arc and cross each other in midair

Скачай это ВИДЕО!
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