Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Gooch Palms - Cucaracha (NSFW) @ Tote, Collingwood (1st Feb 2013)

The Gooch Palms - Cucaracha (NSFW) @ Tote, Collingwood (1st Feb 2013) from Carbie Warbie on Vimeo.

WARNING! ACHTUNG!! May contain traces of nuts!

The Gooch Palms are a fun duo and they play what they call "Shit Pop"! Leroy is on vocals and guitar, while Kat bangs a racket on some drums, while occasionally stroking her theremin. By the way, that is not a euphemism! Clever pop hooks and short fast songs, just the way I love 'em. Just two members, it’s a girlfriend-boyfriend duo that play scuzzy, fuzzy garage-rock. It’s simple, loud, brash and bold, taking big chunks of 50s rock’n’roll, mixed with equal portions of 60s-style lo-fi punk. I originally saw them at the BOOGIE Festival and they were the best new band they I saw play! They recently played at BigSound and raised a few eyebrows. They come all the way from Newcastle, where they run a second hand clothes store. If they are coming to your town, check 'em out because I reckon, THEY WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!

For more information about The Gooch Palms:

They have also released a NEW EP called "R U 4 SIRIUS?" on Anti Fade Records:

Finally you can grab their FREE Shitty Ramones Tribute here:

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