Saturday, March 9, 2013

'Luz del Fuego' (1982), 52-58m, 59-61m, 72-76m

Peter Greeneway: "M is for Man, Music, Mozart" Completo / subido y digitalizado hugoMARviggiano

Thomas Alling as Mikael in 'Topsy Turvy' (1983)

Angus Macfadyen in 'The Lost Language of Cranes' (TV 1991), 4½-6m

Peter Gallagher as Michael in 'Summer Lovers' (1982), 4/7, 8¾-10¼m

Peter Gallagher as Michael in 'Summer Lovers' (1982), 2/7, 4½-8½m, 13m

В сауне)


segundo video.... doy las gracias a pizarro y hace lo q l piden...vale wn


NA BOATE DONA SANTA FORTALEZA__Vejam o video até o final,porque ele é mais profissional que os demais!!

[Firass Dirani] strips naked

The Naked Revenge

Drunk Dan

Poop and puke. Gavel throwing. Fuck You Russel. Peepee touching.

hap diem the thao bac ninh 2

Quay lén 2 Cave tắm!!!

Higher ince naked bowls wez boyd Perfect Strangers

A horny young man, Austin Merrick, jacks his dick while perched on a toilet seat, enjoying the silence and privacy of the bathroom. He falls caresses, tugs, and squeezes his cock. He notices the glory hole in the stall wall just before a large boner pops through. Austin can scarcely believe how hard it looks. It also looks delicious. He decides to have a taste to find out if his inclination is right.

On the other side, Conner Maguire is pleased to feel the warmth of Austin's tender mouth. He doesn't always find a taker when he sticks his erection through, but when he does, it's always a magnificent treat. He doesn't know Austin's name, or even what he looks like at first. It doesn't matter. Conner also wants to get his lips around a meaty boner, so he takes the opportunity to suck Austin's. But soon, after Austin rubs both dicks together through the hole, he gets on the floor, lies on his back, and sucks Conner's cock some more. After a little of this, Conner pulls Austin to the other side of the wall completely and the two kiss passionately. They finish things off with some sensuous 69ing. Join these complete, perfect strangers as they forget their inhibitions and harness the moment in pure ecstasy.

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