Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Paying for Quality

If you thought finding a good mechanic was hard, you haven't seen Johnny Torque! Adam Ridge has hired Johnny to fix his car, and the work is just about done. It's a good thing for Adam, because he needs to get to a job interview appointment right away. Johnny is happy to accept Adam's payment and send him on his way. There's just one problem...Johnny doesn't accept credit cards.

Adam has NO cash and NO way of getting to an ATM machine. If he doesn't get on the road toward the interview in the next half hour, he'll blow his chances! So he's gonna have to blow something else. Despite Adam's adamant protesting, Johnny wants to accept another kind of payment, the kind where Adam sucks Johnny's raging, grease-monkey boner. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, so Adam is taking his swollen cock deep. Watch him slurp on Johnny's rock hard erection with delight. Then see Johnny have a taste for himself, as he goes down to get a mouthful of Adam's dick. You won't believe how far Adam is going to pay for quality service as he settles himself down onto Johnny's eager, pulsating cock for a good, hard pounding. Auto shop was never this hot!

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Toby is like that popular straight schoolboy who everyone desired and who liked to bully weaker guys that tried to sneak a pervy glance at him in the gym showers. Here his uniform and starch-white pants are stripped from him so he is left completely exposed and vulnerable to our groping. His supple body stiffens and recoils from our touch as we greedily tug on his dick and pry his arse cheeks apart to fiddle with his tight arsehole. He’s firmly directed into every position we desire and aroused by our skilful manipulation until he can’t help but want to empty his balls.

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Trenton Ducati catches Rick Van Sant smoking a cigarette and decides he's got something else for him to smoke. He whips out his huge, rock-hard cock and feeds it to the hungry cocksucker. Rick expertly drains a load out of Trenton with his hot mouth then gets on all fours to receive his reward: Trenton's man-sized hands up his ass. Trenton teases the bottom with a finger or two but as soon as he inserts his fist Rick opens his legendary manhole and steals Trenton's entire forearm to the elbow. The eye-popping arm ride continues until Rick finally releases Trenton and sends him on his way.

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Dos indignados se desnudan frente a los policías que custodian la Bolsa

En la madrugada del 16-M, dos jóvenes que participaban en una manifestación improvisada del 15-M se desnudaron frente a los agentes que impedían el paso hacia la Bolsa de Madrid.

Harlem Shake: Quigleys Point Edition

Tommy K - Drunk Part 4

Tom in Wroclaw after being bought drinks by two gay gentlemen.


Top Up Down Bottom