Thursday, March 14, 2013 Kitchen Handyman's Hand Job

It was a mild and sunny December day, a week before Christmas, so Marko Lebeau decided to take his friend Hugo Lacoste for a stroll in Montréal's Quartier international next to the Paris-donated Art-Deco Metro station entrance at Square Victoria.Hugo had been debating for a while about doing a solo for us and finally decided to take the plunge and contacted us the week before. With Xmas approaching, gift-giving can be expensive…A 3rd year law student, Hugo was eager to perform for us and show off his 8”+ cut stick. When we got to his place, he was all apologetic about the dirty dishes on the counter, so that inspired us. You can do your dishes, get all wet and start showing off for us. It was a deal!Hugo has that frat boy look working for him and as soon as we got started we became very appreciative of his showmanship qualities and his nicely chiseled pecs and abs, and let’s not forget his sizeable cut cock!!We pulled out the iPad and showed him some porn, but the need for that didn’t last long as we could see how into it Hugo was from the start. After a very nice counter top hand job, he got on all fours to show so very appealing ass play. You wonder if that has seen any action in the past. After rubbing some precum all over his cock head and keeping that cock of his really boned up, he delivers a very nice load all over his abs. With a red flushed faced, he turns to the camera and says “I hope you liked!” Yes Hugo, we liked!

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Big muscular Rafael has dreamed about being a porn star all his life. He maintains a strict exercise regime that gives him a mighty broad chest, bulging arms and thick trunk-like thighs. Since he considers himself a totally hetero man’s man he doesn’t want to participate in anything that might be considered gay at The Casting Room. In reality this makes him look quite weak and insecure. Knowing how much appearing macho means to him makes it all the more satisfying to see him talked into bending over and spreading his ass for a full unimpeded look at his straight hole.

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Dylan Roberts loves to show off his ripped physique and lucky for us at High Performance Men, he also loves to masturbate. He starts out slowly taking off his clothes in the shower and pays special attention to his ass as he gets completely naked before turning on the shower. He slowly soaps up his body letting his hands rub every muscle on his defined body. Especially lingering slowly around his ass and cock. He works his beautiful uncut cock slowly at first until it is as hard as a rock and he continues stroking it. He gives us a glimpse of his pre-cum and uses it as lubricant inside his foreskin as he continues to stroke his cock. Once the water is off, he leans back on the wall and strokes his cock long and hard until he explodes with a nice load of cum all over his ripped abs.

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