Friday, March 15, 2013 Charlie Harding & Caleb Colton

Charlie Harding leads Caleb Colton to a place of red windows and red light. Caleb’s shirt is a rag and Charlie shreds it off his inked and hairy chest. The friction of Charlie’s roving hands makes the testosterone course through Caleb’s body. Charlie gnaws Caleb’s nipples, laps his armpits, and Caleb’s cock pokes up like a periscope over the top of his jock strap. Ignoring his trapped cock, Caleb spins Charlie around. The back of Charlie’s shorts is split, requiring only some sleight of tongue to drive him two rungs up the fire escape. But escape is not the goal, release is. Charlie and Caleb alternate giving head. With a cock buried in his throat, Charlie’s face is only inches from furry buns hiding a pulsating hole. He separates the cheeks, spits in the cleft, uses two fingers to stretch the entry then drives his cock through. A chute that feels so good should taste good too, so Charlie kneels, working histongue deep into Caleb&rsqu o;s freshly fucked hole. Caleb’s cries punctuate the air as Charlie alternately sucks and fucks him until you can’t tell where the spit ends and the sweatbegins. But there’s no mistaking the skyrocketing finale of jism, Charlie’s share of which quenches Caleb’s thirst for cum.

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

Naïve Tony arrives at Hotel Crystal desperate for a job. He’s delighted when the manager invites him to fill their bellboy position. He wants to make as good an impression as possible and follow the manager’s instructions. But it makes him very nervous and puts him on guard when he’s ordered out of his clothes and the manager takes a hands-on approach fitting him out in the regulation pants, cheekily handling his cock and ass while he’s at it.

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When two hot boys party their asses off on the town, sometimes the next morning is rough! Friends Andy Robindale and Andrew Markus have just awoken to find themselves at the county jail, locked up for getting too wild. But the party's not about to end!

Andrew can't help but worry they're both in deep trouble, but Andy's a bit more relaxed. He knows the best thing they can do now is make the most of a difficult situation. That means a little fooling around in their jail cell! Once Andrew loosens up enough to take Andy's fat cock down his throat, the boys start to realize life on the inside might not be so bad. After some nice, deep sucking, Andy gets his lips around Andrew's large, bulging erection for a taste. Things heat up even more when Andrew climbs on top of his pal to go for a ride. Watch Andy's thick meat pound Andrew's bad-boy hole as these gorgeous Twinks find the best way to pass time behind bars.

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