Monday, March 18, 2013

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C Boys Full Monty @ The Cabaret

Dan doing the full monty to make his mum to town

Nipping to the Van

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Emmett J Scanlan in Savage

DESNUDO POR LA CALLE es legal en Barcelona

Lamberto gets naked in the snow

Lamberto gets naked in the snow

MUEKEKE te cacharon con las nalgas en la taza.3gp

Naked Trophy Man

Harlem Party Boy

'Hunger' (2008), 11-13m, 20-21¼m, 28m, 40-43m

Greenaway - La tempestad (1991) - Subtítulos en español

Brian and Eric Deacon in 'A Zed & Two Noughts' (1986), 30½-32m, 85¾-88½m, 109-113m

Empregados de um zoológico, os irmãos gêmeos Oswald e Oliver passam a se dedicar obsessivamente aos estudos sobre a evolução das espécies utilizando animais mortos após perderem suas esposas em um acidente de carro. Buscando o sentido da vida nessas pesquisas, eles chegam até Alba, a única sobrevivente do acidente de suas mulheres, e acabam se envolvendo em um triângulo amoroso com ela. Hard Working Stiff

High Performance Men brings together Joe Parker and CJ Madison in 'HARD WORKING STIFF.' Joe Parker helps us build sets in the studio and other construction type work and he requested that we shoot a scene in his work area. Joe was our Production Assistant on the CJ Madison and Derek Parker scene and as soon as it was over he asked if he could do a scene with CJ as there was an obvious connection. CJ Madison has not bottomed on film in many years and he decided that if he was going to do it again it was going to be with Joe Parker. From the beginning of the scene these two are lip locked and cannot keep their hands off each other. Soon both of their huge cocks are out and hard as rocks. Joe goes down on CJ first and does his best to deep throat all 9' of his massive uncut cock. CJ then returns the favor and devours all 9' of Joe's stiff cock to the base. Joe then turns CJ around and gives CJ the rim job of his life getting his ass all wet and lubed for his massive cock. He sta rts out slowly putting all of his cock in CJ's ass and as CJ starts to grind on his cock, he starts to thrust longer and harder with each stroke. CJ moans with every stroke in delight. He then climbs on top of Joe's cock and rides him like a hobby horse before Joe puts him on his back and fucks him so hard that CJ experiences his first full body orgasm on film. Joe is so turned on that he pulls out and shoots a massive load all over CJ's hairy chest. Enjoy!

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Ruggerbugger have amazingly hot photos of Bradford Bulls English rugby player Luke Gale naked in the locker room and fooling around while in the buff.

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There's no doubt who's in charge when a Dom finds his Sub restrained in a web of rope hanging from the ceiling. Rick Van Sant takes full advantage of Phillip Aubrey's defenseless situation and shoves his bearded face deep in Phillip's ass-crack. He rims and licks Phillip's tight hole then stands up to force-feed him his hard cock. Phillip swallows Rick's dick to the base until the horned up top decides he wants to fuck Phillip's ass. Rick spins him around and shoves his cock deep in Phillip's ass, pounding the helpless sub until he drains his nuts all over Phillip's muscular ass.

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