Thursday, March 21, 2013

New at TheCastingRoom young smooth-bodied Kevin is like the modern embodiment of the Artful Dodger. He has the look of a boy, but the hardened expression and deep gravelly voice of a thug. Looking for some extra cash he comes to audition even though he’s never been filmed naked or experimented with sex outside of messing around with his girlfriend. If he felt nervous about fully exposing himself he keeps his emotions carefully guarded and stares at the camera with a confrontational look like a bratty spoiled punk you want to bend over and give a good spanking to.

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Handsome straight boy Brendan is a sporty jock with big weighty balls and a hot tight butthole. He’s the type of untouchable proud guy who the guys at GropingHands could never get close to unless he’s drunk and passed out. Although he’s a real Lothario with the ladies, he does nothing to encourage these pervy men’s advances as he’s slowly stripped naked and has his horny masculine body explored. Here his anus is probed by these men’s insistent fingers and his cock is skilfully manipulated.

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Wew! The Christmas tree lights were not the only things turned on during this shoot. Alexy Tyler and Alec Leduc were themselves quite lit up for this shoot. After Marko Lebeau, and his wiener dog Riley, introduced the guys, they gave us one intense fuck session. In fact, both guys admitted, after the shoot, to having a strong mutual attraction. Both had seen each other on the set before and were excited about shooting together.

We were shooting at Marko’s place a couple of weeks before Christmas and the tree was out but not yet installed. So, Alec and Alexy took charge and started putting up some decorations. Alexy’s Yuletide mood quickly gave way to his base sexual instincts as he pushed Alec onto the couch and they started to make out. Alec was the first to go down on his partner’s cock. This guy has come a long way since last summer when he first awkwardly gave a guy a blow job. He has become quite the skillful cocksucker since.

Alexy was clearly enjoying this careful attention. But, being the good sport he is, he then volunteered to reciprocate with some pretty hot sucking and deep throat action. The guys were so into it that we let them go at it with as few interruptions as possible. We did our best to work the cameras around their passionate love-making without interference or disruption.

After riding Alec’s cock in a reverse cowboy position, Alexy switched it up so his partner could fuck him from behind. Loud and intense, Alexy came while his top man was fucking him lying on his back. Alexy then went back to sucking Alec to bring him quickly over the top. Alec’s huge load landed in gushes on Alexy’s face and in his hair. After sucking the remainder of Alec’s load off his partner’s cock, Alexy reached over and kissed Alec, letting him taste his own load. That was quite the Christmas present!

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David Kross as Young Michael Berg in 'The Reader' (2008), 12m 40m

Ricardo Aibéo in 'Rasganço' / 'Rending' (2001), 75m

Um obsessivo violador em série persegue e ataca estudantes da Universidade de Coimbra, em plena luz do dia. (An obsessed serial rapist stalks a university campus in broad daylight.)




Concentracion en el vestuario(Salle)jajaja

Max a pOil ds la piisiine xD

Luke and Rory Beach Run!

Sexual Tension: Volatile Exclusive - The Cousin, directed by Marco Berger

Top Up Down Bottom