Friday, March 22, 2013

CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

At model-employees Toby and Bobby arrive in the manager’s office to show new boy Tony how a good compliant member of the hotel staff should behave. When the feisty new boy still hits their hands away it’s time to give him a firmer lesson. His trousers and tight white pants are whipped down so they can get a real look and feel for what their customers will be allowed to enjoy once Tony is done delivering luggage to their room. Tony needs to understand that a bellboy’s job is about absolute and total servitude.

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Is it Valentine's Day? Is it their anniversary? Are they on vacation somewhere? No, it's just morning! Kiern Duecan and his lover, Jordano Santoro, are insatiable for one another. Their sex together just seems to get spicier and hotter every time. Today they're waking up, with boners as usual, and getting right into some crazy, steamy action.

Jordano goes straight for Kiern's massive dick. He pulls the covers away to reveal the extremely hard member, waiting for Jordano's warm lips and mouth. Then they move into some sexy 69ing so both boys can enjoy a fatty sliding in and out. It's not long before Jordano wants to fuck Kiern's tight hole. Watch him slam Kiern's beautiful ass with passion and power. When they switch, you'll see Jordano take Kiern's unbelievable cock very deep and hard for a solid morning pounding. It's a morning delight for these horny young lovers.

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