Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Who wouldn’t want to fuck Ray Diaz? Great smile, rich tasty skin covering toned muscles, a what-the-hell attitude and a twitchy hole that can’t say no. He and Jimmy Durano are kicking back at the pool. Durano is mouthwatering on his own. Hot meat in skimpy blue trunks, and Ray has a plan for what’s beneath them. First, Ray ditches the Wayfarers. Then he ditches his swimsuit, making sure Jimmy gets an eyeful, before diving in. Jimmy follows Ray, grabbing him in the shallow end and planting a wet kiss on his lips, then hoisting himself out of the pool slowly enough that his buns are poised, immobile, just long enough for Ray to grab hold and jam his tongue in the cleft. Whipping his cock in circles, Jimmy leads Ray to a shady spot. Ray knows what to do: long tongue strokes along the length of Jimmy’s meat, stretching and nibbling the foreskin and deep-throating it all. Jimmy needs to sink his shaft in the juicy depths of Ray’s hot brown hole before his nuts burst. Jimmy breaks to suck Ray’s cock, then flips him over and jacks him while he fucks him. Ray squirts a load of cum across his treasure trail at the same time that Jimmy erupts in jizz all over Ray’s sexy thighs.

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Best HARLEM SHAKE Brock Cooper Poolside

Brock Cooper and I went to a party out in Palm Springs recently. Enjoying the day, also having a few drinks and being in the pool made Brock just want to get naked. With encouragement from me of course, I bring out my camera torecord Brock giving all the guest an unexpected treat. Watch as my super hot surf buddy Brock Cooper gives us all a reason to smile…and jump in a pool!

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Testicle Injury - Part 1

Testicle Injury - Part 2

Stuart finds out if his testicles have suffered any permanent damage.

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Ahorcando al pene con los dedos del pie

Jugando con mi pene mi esposa con su pie

Guy having a tattoo on his manhood

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