Thursday, March 28, 2013 Oh Canada! Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

This solo is longer than usual, but you will see why when you watch it. This guy is worth every minute! In his interview, Ivan Lenko told Marko Lebeau that he was a bit nervous to shoot his first scene, but his body language during the interview didn’t reveal any nervousness whatsoever. And, when he did his solo, he was everything but nervous… A tease, fun loving, sexy and sensual…

As a male stripper, Ivan sure knows how to charm an audience, and his stage presence was clearly obvious in this scene. He knows how to put on a show. Posing and smiling several times for the camera, he is clearly enjoying himself, and he admitted as much after the shoot.

A real patriot, this Ukrainian Canadian was sporting a maple leaf jock strap that embraced so deliciously his Canadian sausage and buns. Ivan is so kind and friendly, and those nipple & lip rings just say: “I’m not as innocent as I may first come across as”.

While showering, Ivan really gets into playing with his cock and balls, and gives us a pretty hot show of fingering his butthole several times. For his cum shot, he turns off the water, lies down in the tub and pumps us a nice load of hot cum all over his chest. He then rubs it with his hand and then, using the same hand, rubs his face. Ivan defines himself as straight but curious. This was obviously a bit of a daring move for him.

Ivan has decided to take the plunge and work with us some more. You will be seeing him in his first sex scene with Alexy Tyler in a couple of weeks…

Welcome aboard Ivan!

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New at TheCastingRoom, sweet Steven is a cheeky chap looking to make big money by doing the thing he loves the most – having lots of sex. He’s an adamant hetero and the suggestion of doing sexual things with men makes him giggle boyishly. For a young fella he has a nice small crop of dark hair on his chest and a really weighty ball sack. He finds it comical showing off his asshole because to him mooning people is an insult. Little does he know how much flashing his tight butthole can turn us on.

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Bound, Whipped, and Fucked

He's been watching Race Cooper from his seat in the pain dungeon for over an hour. Scarcely moving, never speaking, always watching. From where Race is chained to a large cross, he can't see Sam Swift, but he can feel him. He can feel his eyes piercing into his back and ass. Sam now feels the time has come to levy his punishment.

Race hears Sam walk towards him and then feels a leather cat 'o' nine tails tickle his back. Then SNAP!! The whip cracks hard across Race's back, sending waves of pain to radiate from the contact point. This harsh treatment continues until Sam feels charitable enough to unbind Race and shove his fat dick into Race's mouth. Sam removes Race's blindfold so the young man can see the delicious man meat. Sam face fucks Race for a while, then lays him on a table for a proper fucking. Watch Race endure Sam's hard cock slamming into his tight hole. You'll love this unrelenting, stiff punishment.

Скачай это ВИДЕО!

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