Monday, April 1, 2013

Darian shocking his gooch.

Lammkött 2 Part 2 - Byrå Byrfors (english subs)

nalgas al desnudo

Ennui - Diapsiquir Live Paris 01/03/2013

Vancouver Naked Bike Ride 2012 - part 1 of 3

Connor's a numpty guy burns pubes


Drunk Idiot! Bulgaria "OH SH!T B HAWK"

My friend Thomas having the drunkest night of his life and the aftermath!
Shouting; sleeping; naked; shower; falling; failing at life.

Manif de modèles vivants

Les modèles vivants manifestent nus dans la cour de la direction des affaires culturelles de la mairie de Paris pour réclamer une revalorisation de leur statut.

'Madame Bovary' / 'Spasi i sokhrani' (1989), 46-52m, 97-101m

Peeing on a leg is not a crime


Performance art by Dirk Jan Jager MIP 2 - Espaço 104
O Centro de Informação e Experimentação da Arte - CEIA promove, em Belo Horizonte, a segunda edição da Manifestação Internacional de Performance - MIP2. De 3 a 9 de agosto serão várias apresentações de performances, vídeo-performance, Espaço Aberto, ciclo de palestras e mesa redonda em diversos espaços culturais de Belo Horizonte - MG.


WAX LATEX MUD performance art by Dirk Jan Jager, the final piece of the VERBO manifestation 31/07/2010, Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo Brazil. Photography: Henk Nieman.

The painter as performer, as magician, as shaman, as athlete. In WAX LATEX MUD Jager explored the complex relationship between the viewer and the work of art by putting his performance-body at the service of painting, where painting becomes both revelation and sacrificial action. The body in question is the Anonymous Body (AB) that lies beneath the social and autobiographical detail that constitutes Dirk Jan Jager from the Low Countries. The AB is the Homo-Universalis, the unit of one body, the measure of man. The AB is always present, but unrecognized until forced with violence or despair to appear: Marsyas flayed by Apollo, maddened Orestes, and Nan Goldin's drug-addled drag queens of New York. It is the AB that is addressed by both George Bataille and Antonin Artaud, "Joy before death" and the "Body without organs." It is always at the edge of the void that we find the AB. Speechless, but always aware, always in focus, always prepared.

Fernando Belfiore in 'Homem-Bomba', 15-18m / Fernando Belfiore in 'The Miserable Thing', 43-46m / Daniel Valentim in 'Market', 47½-49½m

Forum of Live Art (FLAM) is a platform for diverse performance practices and approaches. FLAM focuses on the live gesture as defining an extended territory of performance art that goes beyond the body, and exposes it to a variety of different media and environments: sound, text, image, digital media, sculpture, painting and the city as a scene of action. The ambition is to define a space that differs from the black cube of theatre and its traditional cut between passive audience and performers. The focus is on the event of live performance, the emergence and the dissolution of an ephemeral form within the performative situation and its defining conditions. The body is understood as a site of unexpected knowledge and experience, which unfolds in the simultaneity of enacting or producing the work and the act of viewing. FLAM is a platform for exploration of a variety of questions, from duration and temporality, repetition and difference, to ways of situating performance as a comment on every-day life situations. FLAM is initiated by Rose Akras and Dirk Jan Jager.

Heaven NightClub- Porn Idol

beyond heaven in the streets of London.

Rhaskos Singing My Cock Rages On

Backyard hosedown


Gym locker room



Top Up Down Bottom