Saturday, April 6, 2013 Shawn Wolfe & Jimmy Fanz

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Lean, grizzled Shawn Wolfe carries a hard on for sexy, homeless stud Jimmy Fanz. He followed him to the decrepit building where Jimmy sleeps and his cock can't wait. When Jimmy falls asleep, Shawn pounces. He tears the seat of Jimmy's dilapidated shorts, exposing the plump, furry buns he lusts after, burying his face in their heat. Jimmy awakes and instinctively tries to escape, but Shawn holds him fast. Then Jimmy is overtaken by the intense realization of pleasure. He stops trying to get away. He lifts and spreads his butt cheeks, pushing Shawn's head deeper. Not bothering to remove his own jeans, Shawn lies full-length atop Jimmy and spears the warm crack. Jimmy groans, "Fuck me!" He cranes his neck to kiss his mounter. Wanting to prolong his sexual delirium as long as possible, Shawn goes back to eating Jimmy's ass. Fucking it . eating it. And again. Jimmy strokes himself while Shawn's tongue and cock alternately drill Jimmy's hairy hole. Jimmy flips onto his back in comp lete surrender. Both of them are completely naked now, fur and flesh in fierce contention. Jimmy's abs clench and his pecs flex as the mushroom head of his dick begins to spew. Shawn howls, raining down sweat and spooge for Jimmy to scoop into his mouth.

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The SneakyPeek cameraman spies in a caravan to catch a hunky tattooed guy in the shower. Without the brawny builder knowing he’s filmed soaping up and rinsing off accidentally showing off his cock and ass.


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Ashton Webber offers to help Lance Luciano with his sit-ups but before long he works his hand up Lance's shorts and helps himself to Lance's thick uncut cock. Lance fucks Ashton's face while Ashton pulls out his own 10-inch whopper and jacks off. The young jocks strip naked and Ashton sits on Lance's face, offering his perfectly hairless hole to Lance's probing tongue. Once his ass is good and wet Ashton slides down and sits on Lance's cock so his buddy can fuck him. Lance throws Ashton on his back and shoves his cock in his ass while Ashton jacks a load tout of his own giant dick. Lance pulls out and rubs one out, shooting all over Ashton's tight washboard abs.


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