Thursday, April 11, 2013

Final Calzoncillos Mojados 2008 · Legendaris ·

Ehran Tea Bagging Paul!!

Somewhere in Ukrania

If you happen to get lost in that Ucrainian beach, just ask your way to a naked passing guy !...

Голый мужик

Пацанчик в дождь ковырялся голым в мусорке.


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Hetero Georgi is a horny tattooed former professional footballer. He has a slick sexy gaze like someone who can spend hours engaging in dirty hard fucking. As a sporty guy who maintains a strict exercise regime he has a very taut muscular body that radiates heat. He’s given a very thorough physical inspection getting closer than any doctor ever has with his pendulous cock and tight arsehole being inspected in minute detail. This is the only time this confirmed straight man will let another guy so close to his privates. After Practice

Скачай это ВИДЕО!

They're pals on the field, but are hanging out after practice for the first time. Nubius decided to invite over his teammate Aron Ridge for a few drinks. They had a tough day on the turf, running, tackling, and making hard plays. Some relaxing is definitely in order.After throwing back a few cold ones, Nubius hits the shower while Aron chills out and has another beer. When Nubius returns from the shower, wearing only a towel, Aron takes it as the hint for which he's been waiting. He tells Nubius in no uncertain terms that he wants to 'tap that ass.' Nubius likes the idea, so he drops his towel and goes down for a taste of Aron's strong dick. He sucks deep while enjoying every inch of Aron's pulsating cock. Then Aron switches things up so he can get a taste of Nubius's fat dong. Watch him slurp down nice and deep on Nubius's lucky boner. Then see Aron take control of the situation by flipping his friend Nubius over and jamming his erect cock into that tight, sweet hole. After a hard workout on the field, there's no better way to relax!Enjoy!
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