Monday, April 22, 2013

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Matt's Awesome Naked Skydive

Matt won a competition with radio 104.7. All he had to do was to skydive naked. That he did - today. Matt, you're awesome!!! Wasn't THAT cold was it?

Naked Jump Skydiven 2012 Slobodian Maksim

At BreederFuckers sporty young Vincent looks so good out of his school uniform he deserves to be put naked on display in the middle of the living room like a statue. He’s tied and gagged. His sinister captor holds him in place with an anal hook. To give him a lesson he flogs Vincent’s ass, pegs his balls and makes him take a whipping to his ass without making a sound. The sporty boy is fucked with a dildo on a stick and milked dry. His potent cum is spat back in his mouth!

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Horse-hung fisting top Josh West finds Boyhous on his knees with a pair of rubber gloves and a huge butt-plug firmly planted in his ass. Josh steps up, puts on the gloves, and stretches the rough-and-ready pig bottom's hole with the enormous toy. After some serious assplay Josh tosses aside the bullet-shaped plug and greases up his fat fists. Josh slips one fist in Boyhous' hole with ease so he ups his game and shoves both fists in at the same time. Josh gets hungry for some cock so he pulls out Boyhous' dick and sucks him off while he fists him, then pulls out his own monster cock and jacks a load all over the floor.
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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

In the Annual Physical at Miss Marchmont is determined that her girls should get the most out of the lesson on male anatomy. With four naked boys at her disposal she's giving the girls some "hands-on" experience finding the boys’ gspots and examining their erections. The domineering woman is completely unaware that the young men she's offered to the schoolgirls are not the professional models she thinks they are, but the girls own male classmates!

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EricDeman has posted a horny video of a dude filming his friend in the bath. He plays a prank on him pouring cream on his back. The unembarrassed lad has to wash it off sliding back in the bath and showing off his dick and balls. It’s so horny to see straight guys so comfortable being totally naked around each other.

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"It's beautiful," Trenton Ducati says of Jesse Santana's ass. Jesse teases him by tossing over his sweaty wife beater, lifting the pouch of his jockstrap to show a testicle and jamming two fingers in his hole. Trenton's cock is so hard, it reaches past his navel. Jesse has some of the most primo ass cheeks on the planet and Trenton aims to use them. He kneads, he spreads; he licks, sniffs, tongues and fingers. He mounts his prize. Jesse is an award-winning horseman, and when he straddles Trenton's loins in the cowboy position with that pillar of flesh punching his prostate, he moves like no bottom you've ever seen. Jesse snaps his hip flexor muscles, grips with his thighs and arches his spine. He leaps onto Trenton's face, quivering his hole low over Trenton's mouth. Then he scoots back for a kiss and slides down Trenton's pole again. When Jesse needs to rest, he buries his face and fingers in Trenton's crack and swallows the cock that just deep-fucked him. Every defined musc le in his manly back ripples with gusto. On to more fucking: nearly every position in the playbook, and sweat sufficing for lube. Jesse screams as his cock spews scalding spunk across his torso. Trenton aims his own hot load at Jesse's mouth, adding a final kiss to share the creamy goodness.

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