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Kieron is a pervy exhibitionist into almost everything who has always dreamed of appearing in a full porn film. Typically men are nervous and resentful of the audition process. However, with Kieron he gets totally excited and turned on showing himself off for a stranger and being filmed without knowing who might be looking at the video. He has a long easily-stimulated cock and a tight ass which he loves to have used when he has sex with men.

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Andrew Markus finishes his shower and is toweling off as he comes out of the bathroom. Hiding under a blanket, Devin Thilo pops out from under and startles a clearly unsuspecting Andrew. But no matter, as long as he's here, he might as well make himself useful, so Andrew shoves his cock into Devin's mouth, who sheds the cover of his blanket to reveal himself naked and willing, deepthroating Andrew's cock and running his fingers up Andrew's chest. Andrew throws him onto the bed and begins to return the favor, and once hard, Devin flips Andrew over and begins to moisten his ass for things to come. Andrew moans in pleasure and anticipation as Devin continues to tongue his asshole, before slapping his hard cock against the hole and rubbing its head against Andrew's taint. Hungry and eager for the cock, Andrew implores Devin to plunge it in, which Devin does obligingly, working it in slowly then thrusting with increased intensity, flipping over onto his back and letting Andrew rid e and grind on him, then flipping Andrew onto his back and fucking him hard as Andrew strokes his cock and jizzes all over himself. Devin then pulls out and blasts Andrew with a hot load that sends both guys right back to the showers. Enjoy!
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Charles Durand is a French guy, who immigrated to Montréal about a year and a half ago to study to become a chef. Although Montreal is known for its fine dining, Marko Lebeau found it ironic that someone from France, the world's culinary capital, would cross the Atlantic to study haute cuisine! Maybe it was the attraction to poutine and burgers, the guys joked, that drew this 22 year old, dark eyed and sensual bi Scorpio to migrate to Montreal. Taking in a mild February day, Marko and Charles decided to take a jog in the City's central Mount Royal Park, overlooking the city core and the outlying areas beyond. Taking a break in their run, Marko interviewed Charles at the top of the Mountain. The contrast in these guys' accents was cute. French and Québécois accents are about as different as that of English spoken in Britain versus the US. After their jog, Charles was to perform a solo, but once again Marko wanted to offer his new friend a helping hand, so to speak.After shower ing, Charles entered the massage room where he was going to perform his solo only to find Marko ready to offer his assistance. An invitation that Charles accepted with a smile. So, Marko didn't lose any time working his hands and mouth down on Charles ripped chest, cut abs and 7" uncut cock. Charles and his dick appeared to enjoy the attention. Then, he wasn't at all shy about offering up his asshole to Marko's good spitting and tongue thrashing. Marko was skillful at keeping Charles dick hard throughout. But being the perfect gentleman, thought it best to let Charles take himself over the top seeing as this was his first gay porn experience. Once Marko made his exit, Charles took over working his own cock and only took moments to ramp up and deliver a hefty load of cum for his newfound friends at Men of Montréal.

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Studly Johnny Torque is tired of being abused by locker room bully Brenden Cage; so he seeks revenge by tying the bully up to abuse himself. Bound jock Brenden Cage gets frustrated and clearly upset as Johnny rips off his favorite workout shirt and gives him a round of tittie twisters. Brenden begs and pleads to be let go, but Johnny has one final demand… “Suck my dick first!”, he says!

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