Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Army Lads


BoundJocks.com: Brenden Cage

Bound Jock Brenden Cage has been left tied up and gagged on the matt after his big match. The outline of his bulging crotch can be seen through his singlet as he struggles to get free. Rolling around, Brenden finally is able to work his hands free and when he does he goes straight for his rock hard and pulsating cock. He strokes out his remaining frustration with a big, hot juicy load!

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EricDeman has a new home made video of a football team celebrating in the showers jumping up and down and singing while naked. This is horny real footage of sporty guys caught naked. EricDeman has thousands of hot videos exposing real straight men.

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RagingStallion.com: Behind The Big Top

Circus strong man Rogan Richards likes to admire himself in the full-length mirror in the props tent. He's shredded and massive, with a hairy chest and pierced nipples. Rogan hits all the bodybuilding poses until his muscles bulge. Wait.he spots something in the mirror: Logan Vaughn is blowing Leo Domenico. Leo's fat cock is juicy with saliva. They know they're being watched, and the interplay of voyeurism and exhibitionism ratchets up the sexual suspense. Rogan shucks his coveralls and angles his chiseled abs to watch himself jack off, watch Leo get sucked and still give an eyeful of hard manflesh to the duo. Lust compels Rogan to join the guys and create a three-ring circus of their own. First he feels up Leo's hot-n-hairy chest, yanking off the t-shirt that kept it covered. Just watching Rogan and Leo feel each other's chests will make your dick drip. Logan and Leo team up to suck and rim Rogan. Then Logan gets the center ring; his hole and mouth remain filled with cock fo r the rest of the scene, and it's a tie as to who can take a fatter cock or a deeper pounding. Everyone shoots massively, but Rogan's output equals the others combined

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Group shower - men on men K18

Clip from the Lair series. Adult content. Not for easily disturbed.


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Body builder

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