Wednesday, May 1, 2013

L'enlèvement d'Europe

L'enlèvement d'Europe from MTK PROD on Vimeo.

Rugby 7s, Happy Ending

Rugby 7s, Happy Ending from John Ryan on Vimeo.

Rugby Tunnel after the match. The French team add an additional after match flair. :-)

Fitness (No Quiero)

Fitness (No Quiero) from Shaun Mathers on Vimeo.

Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake from Derek Hawkins on Vimeo.

Getting spanked in the sun

Realtv-News - Les douches de Big Brother Finlande

Butlers stag do Magaluf 09 014

Tom Cullen as Russell and Chris New as Glen in 'Weekend' (2011), 1¼-1½m, 12¾-13m, 43¼-43¾m

'Cabaret Desire' (2011), 30-34m, 37m, 56m, 65-66¼m, 68-70¼m Alexander Gustavo

From the Pacific Northwest comes Alexander Gustavo, contained and on display as he does his time in his cell. Steely eyed and somewhat soft spoken, he does his time and keeps his mouth shut, preferring to work out alone in his cell or to kill time in quiet solitude. Or there's his other favorite pastime: slipping out of his socks and shoes and slowly undressing to enjoy a little quality personal time out. He peels off his jeans and throws them off his cot, spreading his legs and teasing the head of his cock as it emits a bead of pre-cum. Suppressing it, he rolls over and begins to grind against the mattress, his ass in the air working back and forth as his cock presses up against his stomach. Raising up onto all fours, he pushes his cock through his legs and pats his taint as he strokes himself through his legs, before flipping over one final time and spreading his legs as wide as they'll go, flogging his meat until it spits forth its milky load, whereupon Alexander throws hi s head back against the cot, exhausted, ready for some R&R and another night of solitude.Enjoy!

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