Friday, May 3, 2013 Derek Jackson

He's a sexual beast, oozing desire. Get in close for an intimate look at Derek Jackson. You'll be mesmerized by his dance moves as he strips out of his SWAT team uniform and lathers himself with foamy suds. Check out his incredibly ripped physique while he strokes his massive, hard cock just for you. His large hands grip his love stick tight, jerking slow, then quick. He's an instant Next Door Ebony superstar that will leave you craving more. So join him and share this super sexy, super sudsy, smoking hot wank session.Enjoy!

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Jean Pierre is a nerdy innocent French boy who is just starting to explore his dirty side. He’s tested himself making some home movies and now wants to try making a real porn film. It’s horny watching a sweet good boy go bad as he shyly strips off and poses for the camera allowing every inch of his body to be scrutinized including his virgin ass which he won’t allow anyone to touch. Now that he’s fully debased himself on film there is no going back.

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Hitting the showers, hunky COLT Man stud Jessy Ares looks SLICK and sexy under the running water. Through his black and yellow latex briefs Jessy manhandles his throbbing uncut meat as his cock threatens to burst through the seams. As Jessy turns to show off his sweet bubbled butt, those firm mounds of muscle look ready to burst out as well. Wet and wild Jessy gives us a steamy show. Stroking his pole as the water runs down his hard and hairy body, spreading his ass cheeks to reveal his tight puckering hole, exploring his sexy body, all while you watch. up close and personal. His hard uncut cock in hand Jessy strokes with an deep down need for release. Heavy breathing and manly grunts and groans give way to his massive nut busting load. As he unleashes a drencher Jessy lifts his cum dripping fingers to his lips and licks them clean. With a wink and a sly smile toward the camera, Jessy lets you know how much he enjoyed giving you a show.

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Little taking a shit and doesn't even wipe his arse haha

'The Asthenic Syndrome' (1990), 33-34¼m, 112m

(G)_ Virgin Nick

Top Up Down Bottom