Monday, May 6, 2013

Парень гуляет нагишом по ночной Самаре

ул. Солнечная
смотреть с 3 минуты

Хер не поломай

Хороша Попка =))

Голожопый дурачек!)


Парень, в 10 утра мимо школы, шел на базар)

Hayck Bang Ralph Jacson

Hayck is getting the big fat cock of his hard with a fleshjack on the couch. Ralph offers to help him out and immediately shoves as much of that thick Latin monster in his gob as he can. Hayck is pretty impressed but he wants that cute ass and to see if Ralph can take that cock whole. The expression on Ralph's face as Hayck enters his ass is priceless - a bit of shock and awe for sure. But who wouldn't want the thick dick of a tattooed hottie in their ass? To top it off Ralph gets a face full of Hayck's cum. Lucky lucky lad...

Stacked Room

Here's a lesson for you - never send two horny toned twinks into the stock room together to do stock check. The only work these two are getting done is sucking and fucking each other then cumming all over the floor. Clean up in the stock room!

Delvie Baptiste and Cody Smith Live in Birmingham

The Jason Sparks nationwide juggernaut continues to Birmingham where we meet Cody Smith for the first time. A hot twink Cody is perfectly matched with Delvie for the bareback flip flop fuck fest. Enjoy!


Young teen Alfred plays with his nice-sized round buns and throbbing boner in this solo video. The 19-year-old is pure twink perfection. Don't miss him.

Kevin & Tommy

23 year old Kevin and 21 year old Tommy are from Barcelona, Spain. Tommy just loves to bottom and Kevin takes care of his every need with a slow, thorough, guts-deep fucking. The pure pleasure both young guys take is clear in the way Tommy's gaze penetrates Kevin as deeply as each thrust of his throbbing cock. Enjoy the session.

Mark Horn & Kevin Cline

Kevin deep throats Mark's big dick covering it with spit so it slides in easy. Mark knows this is gonna hurt so he fingers Kevin's ass to prepare it for the big dick pounding he is about to endure. The look on Kevin's face as Mark fucks him is priceless - he's going to be feeling that for a while now...


Scorched stars Alejandro Mango and Francesco D'Macho in this outdoor fuck flick complete with oral cumshaws and watersports. Straight for the Goods

Cody Cummings is getting very comfortable as he lounges, rubbing his swelling cock. He lays back, caressing his most sensitive areas, imagining your very hands exploring his perfect body. Then, a young man steps into view. His name is Preston Burgess and he's come for only one thing. He wants the Next Door Stallion's hot, meaty cum. He wants it on his face and in his mouth, covering him like as if he were a Pollock canvas.He starts very cautiously, lightly running his hands over Cody's stomach and chest. He kisses softly, working his way toward the growing down further. Then he unties Cody's draw-string underwear and pulls out a chubby beast. His lips wrap around it and his mouth sucks. He can scarcely believe how good it tastes and feels on his tongue. Cody takes Preston by the neck and works his head into a fervent bobbing motion. Then Cody lays him down for a face fucking in which Preston allows the beautiful cock to slide deep down his throat. Watch Preston pleasure hims elf while taking Cody's fat dick in this very sensual, extremely erotic encounter.Enjoy!

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EricDeman has an amazing new homemade video documenting a group of hot macho straight friends who get drunk in the middle of the desert, strip down naked and fire off their guns. Boys do love their toys! See the full video and thousands of other sexy of men caught naked at EricDeman!

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swimming naked - κολυμπώντας γυμνός

swimming naked - κολυμπώντας γυμνός from Michalis Gymnisths on Vimeo.

duda mandi telanjang


La guia sexual del Siglo 21, Capitulo 5

Frywolne Ciało 1 Penis PL

huli sa akto, may lawit!

Penile Reflex Demonstration

This video is an attempt to continue research by the late Dr. John R. Taylor, M.B.Ch.B., who created Please help continue Dr. Taylor's work by viewing the video and answering the survey at:

Background: Dr. Taylor's intent in this part of his life of scientific research was to describe all pathways of sexual reflex in the penis. Beginning in 2001 and confirming earlier pre-tests, Dr. Taylor's questionnaires at the web site produced responses that were very consistent with his hypotheses, except for the most recent questionnaire, still at the web site, that has produced Internet reponses which are less strongly confirming of the reflex Dr. Taylor had hypothesized. Re-testing Dr. Taylor's last question is the purpose of this video and revised questionnaire.

Крещенское купание в проруби 2013!

Spy Cam_Sexy marine caught naked in the locker room


Horny & drying off!

Passed out


Greg streaking

If you get a down trow at my place playing darts, you can either lose twice, instead of once, or ... Jimmy Durano & Shawn Wolfe

Brrr. The fountain is frozen in Tahoe’s town square, but Jimmy Durano and Shawn Wolfe know a quick way to get warm. They head to their room and draw a hot bath. The tub is big enough for smooth, muscular Jimmy and lean and furry Shawn. Sitting in the tub, their swollen dicks pop up like periscopes. When Shawn reaches over to grab Jimmy’s cock, Jimmy rises, and his cock spears Shawn’s mouth dead center. Shawn’s hands are busy exploring Jimmy’s torso and playing with his foreskin as he sucks. Then Jimmy takes a turn sucking, cupping Shawn’s tight buns in his hands. Shawn’s treasure trail leads to more fur in all directions: hairy legs that will warm you when they wrap around you and a hairy crack and balls. They fuck in the tub, with Jimmy sitting and Shawn lowering his ass onto the pole that brings intense pleasure. After Shawn loosens up, he leans forward, bracing himself on the ledge, for Jimmy to take him from behind in rapid full-bore thrusts that set the water roiling. Or gasms await them on the ledge of the bath, with Shawn on his back, cumming in high jets on his furry belly and taking Jimmy’s hot white load in his mouth.
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