Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DylanLucas.com: Justin Owen Tops Lance Alexander

My Bud Lance Alexander introduced me to a friend of his, Justin Owen. They have hung out at the beach a couple of times and Lance told him about an easy way to make some money and have fun. Justin was all for it, he told Lance he loves being naked! So I met Justin at the beach and took some photos that you will see on his solo scene next month. It got so hot Justin Owen ended up jerking off on the beach. We talked walking back to the car and Justin mentioned he thought Lance was kinda hot and maybe I could arrange something. Well before he changed his mind I got the two of them together and you are going to love watching this hot scene where Justin begs Lance to let him fuck him..or was it Lance begging Justin to fuck him? I was so busy 'filming' this scene that I don't remember how it started but I will never forget how it ended. Hope you guys love this scene as much as I loved bringing it to you!

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Mechanic Bobby is a sexy bit of rough who drifts into the BreederFucker’s office looking to service the air conditioner. Rather than diligently keeping to his work he has to stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong. When he’s offered a lesson in what S&M means he can’t resist trying it out. By the time he’s gagged with his arms restricted by rope there’s no going back and nothing he can do to stop the big bad men from tearing his clothes off and making him perform a debasing series of tasks for their perverse sexual pleasure. To really stop this boy from wiggling away from the men and trying to get away they insert a vicious anal hook up his tight bum. He’s roped to the ceiling beam so he has to stand on his tip toes and his hot naked body is permanently on display. By the end, both his face and his ass cheeks have gone bright blazing pink.

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COLTstudiogroup.com: Slick, Scene 3

Hitting the showers, hunky COLT Man stud Jessy Ares looks SLICK and sexy under the running water. Through his black and yellow latex briefs Jessy manhandles his throbbing uncut meat as his cock threatens to burst through the seams. As Jessy turns to show off his sweet bubbled butt, those firm mounds of muscle look ready to burst out as well. Wet and wild Jessy gives us a steamy show. Stroking his pole as the water runs down his hard and hairy body, spreading his ass cheeks to reveal his tight puckering hole, exploring his sexy body, all while you watch. up close and personal. His hard uncut cock in hand Jessy strokes with an deep down need for release. Heavy breathing and manly grunts and groans give way to his massive nut busting load. As he unleashes a drencher Jessy lifts his cum dripping fingers to his lips and licks them clean. With a wink and a sly smile toward the camera, Jessy lets you know how much he enjoyed giving you a show.

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AVEC TOI, J'EN METS PAS. ENGLISH SUBTITLED. Vidéo de bruce pour Yagg et Prends-moi.

AVEC TOI, J'EN METS PAS. ENGLISH SUBTITLED. Vidéo de bruce pour Yagg et Prends-moi. from F/RG.L on Vimeo.

Court métrage de Bruce, consacré à la prévention chez les transboys gays, réalisé dans le cadre de la campagne de prévention Tu Sais Quoi?, menée…

The Bluest Eyes In Oslo (Stretched)

The Bluest Eyes In Oslo (Stretched) from Daniel Andersen on Vimeo.

Black Guy Walks Naked In NYC (18+)

Naked White Boy Gets Whipped with a Towel pretty hard

Carlos mostra a tromba

Tuli na (good work)


Eletricista Chico Marrom Jau Chapado no Banheiro

ахаха проспорил %3ADD


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