Wednesday, May 8, 2013 Deep Passions

High Performance Men presents Hunter Vance and Tate Ryder in DEEP PASSIONS. The connection between Hunter and Tate was immediate when the two met each other and we knew that this scene was going to be a hot one. The two start out in bed with a very hot make-out session that leads to their clothes coming off and some deep throat action. Hunter does his best to take Tate's massive cock down his throat and he gags a bit in the process. Tate then returns the favor before placing Hunter face down as he drives his tongue deep up Hunter's ass. Hunter loves having his ass eaten and the more he moans, the more eager Tate is to please him. Tate then fingers Hunter's hole for a bit before driving his cock deep inside Hunter's eager hole. Hunter groans very loud with each thrust and you just know that he is loving every moment. Hunter then climbs on top of Tate and rides his cock deep as Tate sucks on Hunter's cock. Tate then drags Hunter to the side of the bed where he can drive his coc k deeper and deeper into Hunter's ass until Hunter shoots a nice thick load of cum that Tate tastes and then feeds back to Hunter. Soon Tate is shooting a massive load all over Hunter's chest and the two do a bit of cum swapping as they kiss passionately and out of breath from their hot sex.

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Sleazy punter might be paying to get done-over by nasty skinheads Derek & Toby, but the PayDoms call the shots, and right now they wanna have some fun at punters expense. The Tops next take turns like a relentless tag team fucking then choking their john on their stiff young cocks; Roasted relentlessly. With tears welling up in its bloodshot eyes from having its throat fucked so hard on two Master' pricks, the humiliation for this pervy cunt is only just beginning. Flipped over onto its back, two thick loads of Master's cum get dumped into its slutty mouth. This dirty cock whore had better make sure not one drop of their precious nectar is wasted.


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Get ready for three cute Twink boys having a ball on a lazy, silly afternoon. While Mark Gabriel and his buddy from school, Cody Parker, try to conquer a popular new video game, the newer boy on campus, Anderson Lovell, looks on and laughs. 'You guys suck at that game!' Anderson says. Cody can't believe this kid has balls enough to open his mouth! Cody challenges Anderson to try his own hand and he does.But Anderson's no good either. Big, tough Mark makes a rule for Anderson: since he talked so much trash, if he loses the game, he must suck Mark's big, bulging cock. Anderson agrees and loses only seconds after accepting the stipulation! Mark wastes no time sticking his fat dick right into Anderson's tender mouth. Cody likes this action and joins in, getting his own taste of Mark's boner. Mark would feel bad if he didn't return the favor to the guys, so he sucks their dicks too. Then, as Anderson takes a mouthful of Cody's meat, Mark goes around to lick Anderson's ass! Then, M ark is going all the way, shoving his hard erection into Anderson's sweet, tight hole. Don't miss any of this super sexy Twink three-way. Enjoy!

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Вова Мамонтов убитый маком

Вова Мамонтов (по прозвищу семечка) наварил мака и уебался им так, что начал гнать в чужой квартире. Он снял штаны и бегал с голой писькой, а потом отрубился и все думали, что он сдох, но в подъезд не выкидывали. Он ведет так себя постоянно! Он просто конченый! Живет в Звенигороде, так что те кто его там знает опасайтесь этого гада! Он ворует у девушек телефоны и фены для волос! Берет деньги якобы на нужды, а потом не отдаёт и тратит их на мак и героин! Это страшный человек!

Gronibard - Obscene Extreme Festival - live in Trutnov, Czech Republic - 2004

Bubble Butt - Self Nude Teaser

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