Monday, May 13, 2013

Mustang @ Club Toxic in Baton Rouge

Mi pija y yo

Outside the locker room_team having fun in the showers!! hot!


My Doctor Sucks (Scene 3)

Lance Luciano reports to the ER in tears; he can't achieve an erection. Nurse Brandon Jones assures the young Latino stud that everything will be fine because Dr. Angel Rock specializes in that area. After a preliminary exam Dr. Rock calls Nurse Jones into the room to help Lance relax by probing his tight hole with a huge dildo. Dr. Rock moves in to massage Lance's cock and determines the the therapy is working. In his professional opinion the only way to get Lance's cock rock hard is by sucking on it. Both Rock and Jones take turns swallowing the patient's huge monster to the base which makes Dr. Rock's dick hard. He strips out of his scrubs and shoves his thick cock down Lance's throat. While the doctor's distracted Nurse Jones climbs up on the patient's hard cock for a ride. Dr. Rock sees what's going on and moves behind Lance to fuck him while he's fucking Jones. The 3-way fuck train continues until Rock pulls out and fucks Nurse Jones in his tight ass. Finally all three grab their hard cocks and jack off, shooting their loads all over patient Luciano's chest and abs.

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Cameron Sparks - Stroking With New Boy Cameron

Cameron is an Alabama boy who is a little embarrassed about where he comes from, but you can tell he probably didn't fit in there with his sexy body and his cute face - and his horny need for boy on boy fun! He's only 19 but he's already been in a threesome, let that serve as proof that the quiet ones can be the horniest! Check out his jerk off and come back to see more of him soon!

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Bound jock Axel Flint has been helplessly tied to a weight bench in the locker room with his mouth firmly duct taped to the back of the bench. Cocky jock Connor Maguire enters and taunts the helpless bound jock's predicament by pulling out Axel's dick and playing with it. This gets them both hard and Connor removes the jock's gag so he can get some pleasure in as well. 'Good things come to those who wait,' and in the end they both get exactly what they want!

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Ruggerbugger catch Adelaide Football Club star Ricky Henderson accidentally revealing his cock when he pulls down his shorts in the locker rooms!

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Top Up Down Bottom