Wednesday, May 15, 2013 Edward Prince

A good-natured Southern boy, Edward Prince spends his days saving lives and his nights out in the wild. An EMT by trade, after a long day of saving lives, Edward likes to unwind in the solace of nature and the comforts of solitude. Here we catch him alone in the shower, quietly reflecting as the water soothes and drips down his body, washing away the stresses of the day and leaving him content to enjoy a little 'me' time. He soaps up his body and runs his fingers down his body. Steam fills the room and his cock surges with the rush of urgency, so he towels off and makes his way back to the bed, applying lotion and rubbing it into his skin as his cock begs for attention. Finally he dabs a bit onto the shaft and begins to work the tip into a shiny pulsating missile, biting his lip as he pats his taint and works his cock straight up into the air, then shooting his load all over himself in a well-earned, gloopy release of cum that he rubs into his skin before falling off to sleep to do it all over again tomorrow.Enjoy!

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Damon Santiago & Dominic Pacifico - Flip Flop Fucking With Damon

Dominic has the chance to welcome a new guy to gay porn, and although this is Damon's first time, he's eager to fuck and get fucked too! His long and hooded cock is enough to keep Dominic happy for a while in some shared sucking, and the muscled hunk lets the new boy fuck his ass good and deep, but soon he's turning the tables and slamming Damon's tanned ass and splashing out the ball juice!

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When you meet Jason Duval, the first thing that grab your attention are the dark sultry bedroom eyes that this 19 year old straight construction worker flashes in your direction. Single, this 6'1", 190 lbs. Montreal-native Aquarian particularly loves doing demolition work.Jason is rather reserved and was pretty nervous during his interview with Marko Lebeau. A bit hesitant, he was easily distracted by the cameras and the video team. He was still nervous during the photo shoot and struggled to get hard. But, once he got into shooting the video scene, he seemed to quickly hit his stride and his shyness quickly disappeared; he was even interacting with the camera from time-to-time while jacking off.Jason enjoyed playing with himself and when we suggested he use a masturbator to enhance his pleasure, he wasn't too sure what to make of it. This was a first for him. But, once he lubed it up and starting stoking his dick with it, he got really turned on. His facial expression was pr iceless.Jason hasn't been working out for the past year, but his nicely chiseled and hairy body was hot to see as it flexed, twisted and turned for our cameras. This straight boy also gave us quite the show of playing with his ass and butthole, before being drawn towards the floor-to-ceiling yellow tinged mirror. He enjoyed jerking off and watching himself in action.When we asked him if he need a bit of private space to get ready to cum, he told us to stick around as it wouldn't be long before he would shoot. He confided that he had been holding back for a few minutes. In Men of Montreal's short but busy history, Jason surprised us with a cum shot like no other we've seen. After a first burst that generously hit the mirror, the second shot just as abundant flew all over the place, hitting both the videographer and his camera, in addition to our production assistant's feet. Jason had told us before shooting that he was a gusher, but even he was surprised with the geyser-like jets that spewed out of his 7" uncut dick. Needless to say, he was quite proud of his accomplishment. We only hope that he will accept to grace our screen and your computers again in the near future.

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Hot young straight boy Vincent is tied naked and made to crawl across the floor at BreederFuckers. He’s trained with a whip while his nipples and foreskin are clamped. He’s pinned to the ground and fucked with a dildo to open up his tight anus. He’s left bound naked on the floor with a vibrator locked in place up his precious ass.

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Cal Paker & Dominic Pacifico - Cal Slams Dominic Deep!

Dominic couldn't wait to get the thick dick of hot defined guy Cal, and when the guys hooked up for an ass fucking in Washinton it led to a frantic and horny session for us to enjoy! Dominic feasts on that thick and pale meat, then gets his own dark dick gobbled before his ass is well and truly fucked and they end in a cummy mess all over Dominic's abs!

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Cal Parker Jacking Off!

Handsome and horny jock Cal wakes up with a stiff prick and balls full of cum. He's in need of a good long jerk off session, and we get to watch as he sinks his hard cock into a fleshjack and fucks that toy until his impressive pent-up cum load is flooding out of his engorged shaft and spraying all over!

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