Thursday, May 16, 2013 Adam Killian & Caleb Colton

A good-natured Southern boy, Edward Prince spends his days saving lives and his nights out in the wild. An EMT by trade, after a long day of saving lives, Edward likes to unwind in the solace of nature and the comforts of solitude. Here we catch him alone in the shower, quietly reflecting as the water soothes and drips down his body, washing away the stresses of the day and leaving him content to enjoy a little 'me' time. He soaps up his body and runs his fingers down his body. Steam fills the room and his cock surges with the rush of urgency, so he towels off and makes his way back to the bed, applying lotion and rubbing it into his skin as his cock begs for attention. Finally he dabs a bit onto the shaft and begins to work the tip into a shiny pulsating missile, biting his lip as he pats his taint and works his cock straight up into the air, then shooting his load all over himself in a well-earned, gloopy release of cum that he rubs into his skin before falling off to sleep to do it all over again tomorrow.Enjoy!

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High Performance Men is pleased to introduce Rich Kelly in OCEAN DREAMS. Rich loves the ocean and since he lives in the desert, he doesn't get to see it very often. So, the minute he arrived, we knew we had to get him to the beautiful beaches of South Florida and capture some images of him. He took to being photographed as easy as a pelican floating in the Ocean. Once the fun in the water was complete and he was rinsing off all the sand and saltwater, he couldn't help it and begged us to film him jacking off in the shower. Luckily our cameras were rolling as he began stroking his gorgeous cock and rubbing his hairy body. He is a natural exhibitionist and the more we moved around with the camera filming him, the more turned on he got. He soon bent over and spread his ass cheeks allowing a nice view of his ass and beautiful pink hole just begging for action. With the shower turned off, he continues to stroke himself sometimes hard and fast and other times soft and slow, all the while gazing at the camera and loving showing off his body. He then fingers his ass and his cock twitches with every thrust as he lies on the floor of the shower. He milks out some pre-cum and eats it before shooting a nice thick load of cum all over his furry stomach. He then licks the cum off his fingers and is lost in his own enjoyment of the day. Enjoy!

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Master Shamus is in the BrutalTop's stable, waiting for a pony ride around the exercise area. He doesn't like to be kept waiting. New pony boy james isn't ready, quickly undressing when ordered to do so by Shamus, getting down on all fours. This ride had better be excellent or the thick leather belt in the Top's hand will be getting plenty of use today.
The strong, muscular looking pony soon tires, attempts by Shamus to get it to move faster by beating it are futile as it becomes more exhausted with every circuit. The pony's rump glows red from the severe beating Master Shamus is giving it; It's clear the Top is going to ride this useless little fucker into the ground.

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Christopher Daniels & Dominic Pacifico - Dominic Hooks Up With Christopher

Dominic couldn't wait to get his big dick inside Christopher, and after some horny texting they finally hooked up for a hardcore fuck! Dominic is quick to get sucking on his new buddy's big pink cock, then licks and fingers the dudes hot hole and finally slams his meat in! A power fuck has Christopher unloading all over himself, and Dominic joining in the messy climax!

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