Sunday, May 19, 2013 New Boundaries

Newbie Kyle Lawrence waits in the bathroom alone, somewhat nervous regarding Cody's intentions. Quiet and shy, but willing nonetheless, he says nothing as Cody enters. Cody pulls out his cock to test Kyle, wanting to see how he'll repsond to having Cody's meat so close to him. It's so close that Kyle can practically taste it, so he does: opening his mouth wide as Cody jams half his shaft down Kyle's throat. Kyle rubs his cock through his pants, unzipping his fly and pulling out his dick, growing more and more firm by the second. Cody strokes his own cock with the tip of its head between Kyle's lips, as he teases it with his tongue. Cody throws his head back in pleasure as Kyle gags on every inch, each of them mere moments away from explosion, as Kyle goes first and then Cody follows with a blast of hot load all over Kyle's chest. And it might be the first time Kyle's been covered in another man's cum, but if Cody has his way, it won't be the last.Enjoy!

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Dan Jenkins & Kai Alexander - Kai Gets Waxed And Fucked!

After getting a taste of Kai's delicious twink dick, Dan wanted a lot more from the boy. He gets it in this wax and fuck session too, taking control of the boy and feeding him his hard cock, dripping hot wax over his slight body, and then powering into his tight little twink hole to fuck the boy hard!

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SneakyPeek has a new video of a hunky tattooed stud jerking off in the morning before he goes off to work on a building site. He’s filmed through the barely open curtains of a window in his trailer and has no idea we’re watching him spill a big creamy load.

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Connor Kline comes out of the shower to find his gym crush Connor Maguire stripping in the locker room. Kline's pretty sure that once the hunk sees his giant cock he won't be able to resist - and he's right. Maguire pushes Kline up against the lockers and worships every inch of his muscular body with his hot mouth. Maguire works his way down Kline's chest and washboard abs to the grand prize: Kline's rock hard dick. He sucks Kline's 8-incher then kicks back to show off his own hefty master-piece. Like a true dick-pig, Kline gets down and swallows Maguire's cock like a champ but it's just a warm up; he's always fantasized about getting that red-hot ginger cock up his ass and he's going to get it. Kline bends over with his huge bubble-butt in the air. Maguire steps up and shoves his cock deep in Kline's hole and fucks him hard all over the locker room until both studs shoot thick creamy loads.

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Adam Watson & Oli Jay - Oli Jay Pegged And Fed Cock

We all love watching Adam Watson enjoying himself with a boy, and Oli Jay was the perfect little treat for him. He was in there as soon as we gave him the green light, enjoying the twinks body, wanking him, sucking his cock, pegging his tight slim body and rimming out his delicious hole. But it was the cock sucking that had Adam really turned on, this twink slave knows how to make his master happy!

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Trace Van De Kamp & Cameron Sparks - Cameron Sucks Off Trace

Trace had a stiff cock ready to be sucked by his friend and new Boy Feast twink Cameron, and he just so happened to have a camera ready to film it all too! It's a great P.O.V. video at the hungry boy jerks and sucks on that solid shaft until Trace has to unload his cum shot and give the boy a tasty reward for all his efforts!

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CFNM.NET (Clothed Female/Nude Male)

The headmistress of a school thinks she’s interviewing a man for a PE position, but it turns out sexy man Paulo is a model and dancer who gives the uptight mistress an erotic dance without any prompting. A loud Latin beat sounds in her office as he grinds in her face. He mistakes her whimpers of surprise for moans of pleasure and continues on sliding his fit muscular body against her and the performance culminates with him pleasuring himself right in her face.

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