Monday, May 20, 2013

NoD / FKK - Tanz im Quadrat (2010)

Burning pubes

He burned his friends hair on accident and this is how he "makes it up" to him I guess. Ha.

Jack D Pigeon

Jack Daniel Playing pigeon with his balls. Burnt testicals

Horse hung!


Alex F Solo

There's nothing more satisfying than a clean BangBangBoy getting dirty - Alex F is in the shower washing every inch of his body including that massive cock of his. This slim Brazilian guy might look unassuming but when that cock grows - wow! He grabs a fleshjack to bring it to full size and I got to say it is damn impressive..

Water Boys

I wanted to worship his body - kneeling infront of his perfectly tanned body shoving his erect cock in my mouth and swallowing it hole. The feeling of his dick in my mouth made my hole tingle and I couldn't wait for him to fuck me. He shoved his raw cock in my ass and I reeled in pleasure, the intensity building. We fucked in various positions until he let me cum all over his perfect chest. We jumped in the pool to clean off ... heaven.

Adam Rhodes, Damon Archer & Jake Parker Bareback

Have we got a treat for you - a threesome of hot new Twinks. What you say you're used to Jason Sparks finding the hottest new talent - well how about we throw in some double penetration ... now you're listening! Don't miss this bareback threesome all the way from South Bend - it's Jason's hottest video yet and remember where you saw these guys first!


Muscled twink Alick rubs down his finely-tuned physique for the camera, demonstrating his charisma and confidence with winks. He licks his hot body before attending to his long hard rod.

Fuck My Black Ass - Scene 1

These two young black studs that know how to have a good time. The top is well hung and uses his love muscle like a pro; the bottom is as eager to take every inch in his tight ass as he is to slurp it up in his hungry mouth. He loves it!


After a long day at work Goran comes home to find his boyfriend Damien Crosse sleeping. But after a long day of work a bit of play is good for the soul. Goran begins to caress and kiss Damien's body softly so as to not wake him, but.. Beyond the Glory

For Max McQueen, the glory hole at the gym has always been mysterious. On occasion, he's seen fluids dripping from the hole, and smeared around it. While jerking his cock after a nice workout one afternoon, he notices someone else peering in through the hole. It's another curious boy, just like himself. He decides to stick his through the hole to see what happens. On the other side is George Miles. George is no stranger to this particular hole. When Max's dick pops out, George takes it right into his mouth and sucks deeply. Max likes the sensation of an anonymous mouth on his hard cock! He thrusts gently into the soft, eager pocket. But the urge to see this mystery boy face-to-face is too strong. Max exits the stall and the two embrace and kiss passionately. George is quite pleased with the rest of Max's nubile body. After Max spits into and licks George's tight asshole, he shoves his large dick inside and pounds George hard. This is some very proper Twink fucking! George so on is on his back, taking a pile-driving from his new bathroom friend. Get ready for an intense bang as these two fresh-faced hotties find out what lies beyond the glory.Enjoy!

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EricDeman loves it when hot sporty straight guys film each other in the locker room especially when the horny guys are as excited about showing themselves off in this video where they enthusiastically wave their dicks at the camera!

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Dominic Pacifico - Sex Toy Stroke Off In The Shower

Every guy gets horny and jerks off in the shower, and Dominic is no exception. He's prepared for this solo jerk off too, taking a fleshjack into the shower with him and working up his thick dick ready to plunge into it! He fucks the toy with his engorged meat and pulls out just in time to jerk out his cum!

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Ruggerbugger have caught MMA fighter Nick Heynen naked on camera during his nude weigh-in!

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Dimitris Papaioannou,Michael Theophanous,Primal Matter Athens performances 2013,collection of trailers

Dimitris Papaioannou,Michael Theophanous,Primal Matter Athens performances 2013,collection of trailers from Dimitris Papaioannou on Vimeo.

Rag Ragland Boylesque

Rag Ragland Boylesque from Scott Edwards on Vimeo. Connor the Barbarian

Bound Jock Connor Maquire is fantasizing about being a captured “Roman Gladiator” who is bound on his knees with his balls cinched to his ankles. He can’t stand up so all he can do is roll around the hard floor to get free. As he struggles, his leather kilt rips off and his huge cock gets plenty hard. Using brute force he is able to get his hands free and milk his boner for a big juicy load!

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Dominic Pacifico - Jerking Out A Load With Dominic

Dominic is kicking back and feeling horny, playing with the shape of his big cock in his shorts. His hard meat is aching to spew some cum, with his plump balls churning in their need to start pumping it out. He enjoys a long cock stroke, tugging on his big nuts and toying with the swollen meat in his hand before the hot white goo erupts and splashes over his tanned and tight body in a delicious release!

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Gerro, Minos & Him

Gerro, Minos & Him from aloun marchal on Vimeo.

stripped by a friend of mine and leave home totally naked

stripped from Michalis Gymnisths on Vimeo.

Checkum Testicular Cancer awareness campaign

Checkum Testicular Cancer awareness campaign from ian thraves on Vimeo.

Furry Man Showering

Furry Man Showering from M Beare on Vimeo.

A garden hose, a bar of soap and lots of furrrrrrrrr!

Sauna Octopus Madrid

Sauna Octopus Madrid from Mundoplacer Gay on Vimeo.

Así es la sauna sólo para hombres Octopus de Madrid

incorporel ii (2007)

incorporel ii (2007) from Samuel Z on Vimeo.

danse contemporaine, micadanses, paris, france, 2007 L’un des danseurs annonce aux personnes présentes…

Jonatan Lopez - My Filthy Self

Jonatan Lopez - My Filthy Self from Continuum PerformanceArt on Vimeo.

A performance about the fear of becoming impure. Continuum Live Art Series, 4th Night Documented by Julia Wallace

Harlem (Booty) Shake

Harlem (Booty) Shake from Jeremy Lucido on Vimeo.

Museo Arte Erótico Americano MaReA. Art & Eros Fertival 2008. MaReA en MAC 2

Museo Arte Erótico Americano MaReA. Art & Eros Fertival 2008. MaReA en MAC 2 from MaReA on Vimeo.

Road Trip Part 2

Road Trip Part 2 from QuinnCJaxon on Vimeo.

And All Things Return to Nature Tomorrow: Part 2 'Tomorrow'

And All Things Return to Nature Tomorrow: Part 2 'Tomorrow' from Phillip Adams BalletLab on Vimeo.

Tomorrow (short clip)
Direction and choreography by Phillip Adams
Performed by: Phillip Adams with Deanne Butterworth, Rennie McDougall and Matthew Day
Composer: Garth Paine
Set Design: Matthew Bird (Architect)
Fashion & Design: Susan Dimasi (Materialbyproduct)
Lighting Design: Robin Fox
Production Management: Tom Webster
Producer: Amelia Bartak
Film & edit: Matthew Gingold

And All Things Return To Nature Tomorrow celebrates the long-term artistic relationship between Phillip Adams and long-term collaborator Brooke Stamp who was was commissioned to make her first major work, Part 1 of this double bill; reflecting their common interest in hybrid forms of performance. Each artist's work sits as complementary aspects of a continuum across form and narrative. Audiences are enveloped in dynamic surround sound from the very beginning and by the end, transformed from spectators to participants, active in the artists’ utopian vision.

Part 2, Tomorrow, grew from Adams’ own esoteric research into alien abduction and a revelatory experience at The Integratron in the Mojave Desert, USA. This became the entry point for Adams’, and collaborating architect, Matthew Bird’s imagined abduction, an architectural installation and spatial oddity of sonic and design interactions between the artists. They have sought to create a “tomorrow” utopia; an unsettled universe desperate to gather, confirm and sexualise a superlative energy united by a utopian impulse to liberate the mind.

Replace Clothes With Paint: The First Session

Replace Clothes With Paint: The First Session from Neil Curtis on Vimeo.

"Replace Clothes With Paint" is a performance series showing people being transfered from their "real" world into Neil Curtis own art-world. This is the first "Replace Clothes With Paint" session ever and it was done with Pierre – one of my favorite and most experienced models. You can see that some parts of the painting process are done different now. For example: here the soles were not painted due to the problem of having the feet on the floor all the time

Replace Clothes With Paint: The Mechanic

Replace Clothes With Paint: The Mechanic from Neil Curtis on Vimeo.

"Replace Clothes With Paint" Session with Victor C. as "The Mechanic". This is part of a performance series showing people being transfered from their "real" world into Neil Curtis own art-world.


jair y cañas bailando Harlem

Pipi sapin

los canaleros dementes

Shower Scene - A Prophet - Jacques Audiard.mpg


Top Up Down Bottom