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Mount Panorama CSU Rugby - Nudie Run 2007

The Mount Pan run of 2007 provides the key for CSU Rugby's freshers, with which they unlock the door to becoming a Mitchell Man.


bolitas tusok

Голый мужик в метро Нью-Йорка (повернуто

Caught by friend


Italians soccer players naked in the showers! Hot!!!

video Jimmy Fanz & Josh Long

Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long are a bear cub lover's double-barreled wet and hairy dream. As circus acrobats, they're practicing a routine in the props tent, outfitted in body-hugging singlets. Their movements ensure maximum contact between intimate body parts. Then Josh announces he has an idea, and he climbs a rope ladder and hangs upside-down so his cock is at Jimmy's eye level and vice-versa. How fast can you say "69"? They face-fuck each other until their jaws are tired. Then it's Jimmy's turn on the ladder. He suspends his ass from a wooden rung so his furry hole is poised directly over Josh's tongue. Josh delves and slurps, then Jimmy drops to a lower rung so Josh can fuck him. The walls of Jimmy's hole give way to Josh's invading tool as Jimmy jacks his cock and squeezes his low-hanging nuts. Abandoning the ladder, they grab heavy ropes hanging from the ceiling, a rope in each hand, and engage in a gravity-defying airborne sit-fuck, until their cocks can't hold out any lon ger and discharge their milky loads all over Jimmy's hairy stomach.

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Dominic Pacifico - Jerking In The Sand With Dominic

With hot white sand under foot and the heat of the summer sun beating down from above, muscled stud Dominic wanders naked for all to see. His nude body glistens in the sun, his thick and heavy cock swinging and ready to be milked dry. He falls to his knees, his boner throbbing for release, and enjoys an intense jerk off with a fountain of thick cum erupting from his shaft!

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Handsome new BrutalTops dominant man Martin confirms his place as a cruel and Brutal Master in his very first session, using his sub's mouth any which way he pleases. First he puts its sloppy wet tongue to good use cleaning his dirty boots and sweaty armpits; These are mere appetisers in preparation for his main torment - Human ashtray.

The sub serves its Master, lighting his cigarette for him then patiently waiting like a puppy at his side while Martin drinks his beer and puffs on his fag; The Top gobbing and ashing his ciggie into the subs wide open mouth, using it as his ashtray. With his cigarette finished Martin stubs it out in the human ashtray, leaving the filthy butt on its tongue to be consumed.

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Chip Tanner is a free spirit from Los Angeles with a few tricks up his sleeve and a few toys in his collection. A dancer and an acrobat, he shows his limber talents of strength and flexibility before getting comfortable on the sofa and stretching out. Spreading his legs in a perfect 180 degree split, the bulge in his pants becomes prominent, as it grows beneath the cut of his silky shorts. Always looking for attention. this self-described horndog slowly peels off his shorts to reveal his gymnast body. Rolling over onto his knees, he pops his booty and locks his muscles, before getting down to the business at hand. Fingering the mouth of a FleshJack with his fingers, he lubes it up and plunges his cock inside, working it in and out, up and down. Almost ready to burst, he nonetheless holds off, switching to a silver dildo and inserting it into his hole while he continues to stroke himself away. With the dildo penetrating him, he feels a rush of ecstatic pleasure and knows he wo n't be able to hold off much longer, finally letting his load explode as he fucks and flogs himself to completion. Enjoy!

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Hot & funny dancer!

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