Thursday, May 23, 2013

New at TheCastingRoom, Barry is a hetero dude who lives a rock and roll lifestyle. He fucks and parties as much as possible when he’s not working. He’s the type of guy we always desire and might nervously make a pass at. His friendly but firm reply would always be, “Nah man, that’s not for me.” Now he wants to get paid for fucking on camera. But in order to get the chance to be in a video we first want to see him strip down and show off his body exactly how we want to see it including climbing on a table to submissively offer up his ass just as his girlfriend does.

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Dominic Pacifico - Dildo Play With Dominic

Fans of porn star Dominic know that he's always horny, and although there are plenty of guys on his booty call list, sometimes a long and leisurely cock stroke is what's needed. We join him for just such a show, watching as he gropes his growing bulge, plays with his pecs and then releases his hefty meat for a good long tug - fucking his ass with a dildo to get that cum exploding!

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Holistic (Scene 2)

Word has spread that if you schedule an appointment late in the day with Doctor Alessio Romero you'll get his 'special' holistic treatment. Today's lucky patient is Mike Tanner, a hot stud with a hungry hole who excels in following the doctor's orders. As instructed Tanner strips down and 'opens wide' to receive a barrage of insane sex toys including a metal ramrod, a thick ribbed butt plug, and a huge dildo the size of a man's arm. The rugged Dr. Romero strips down to expose his hairy tattooed muscles and strokes his thick cock while he pummels Tanner's ass. As always Romero ends his session by blowing a huge load of thick white cum.

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NOTRE PRINTEMPS from on Vimeo.

Court-métrage de Céleste Germe, Das Plateau

Aussielicious Men Trailer

Aussielicious Men Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.


L'INCONNU DU LAC / STRANGER BY THE LAKE (Trailer ST EN) from Les Films Du Losange on Vimeo.

Stranger by the lake A film by Alain Guiraudie World premiere date: Sélection Officielle "Un certain regard" - Festival de Cannes 2013 French release…

Excerpts of HÄPEÄ-SHAME (2010)

Excerpts of HÄPEÄ-SHAME (2010) from K&C Kekäläinen & Company on Vimeo.

The Shame Project is a cross-section to the concept and manifestations of Shame. Choreographer Sanna Kekäläinen has done the research using both psychoanalytical and philosophical studies and contemporary literature, making their concepts and conclusions collide, observing the collision points. Why do we experience Shame?
The Shame Project is up-to-date social criticism at it’s sharpest and it takes a strong stand on our thoroughly capitalistic society.

Shame is the opposite of human autonomy and an archaic, early feeling. Because of this, Shame has been used as an effective tool for power throughout the history. It has been used to opress women and other minorities. The themes of Kekäläinen’s early works Studien über Hysterie (1991) and My sword has 7 edges and 3 knots (1992) are in close interaction with the roots of the concept of Shame: Studien über Hysterie dealt with the hysteria of a woman shamelessly and honestly, bringing the ugly, hysterical woman on the stage. My sword has 7 edges and 3 knots dealt with the ecstasy of a woman with straightness and sensuality, using the concept and writings of Saint Teresa of Avila. Echoes from these works can be heard in the Shame Project

Choreography, concept, text and space: Sanna Kekäläinen
Dancers: Sanna Kekäläinen and Panu Varstala
Choreographer's assistant: Lilja Lehmuskallio
Lighting design: Heikki Paasonen
Documentation: Sini Haapalinna

Replace Clothes With Paint: The Boxer

Replace Clothes With Paint: The Boxer from Neil Curtis on Vimeo.

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