Monday, May 27, 2013

Raped By Grandma

May 16, 2013
The prank was simple - crash a promo pool party in a Borat mankini. It backfired when I was raped by a horny, 76-year-old Grandma.

Getting Dolores to sign the waiver for this required an involuntary kiss and groping, but show biz ain't for the weak.

Special thanks to my accomplices:
Michelle (for drawing on my ass)
Joey & Calvin (for filming)
Sara & Jesse (for encouraging Dolores)
Adam, Ben, Luis, Tina, Robyn, Cheryl and the building staff (for encouraging my implied nudity)
and of course...Dolores (for putting on an epic show)

Matt Ritchie and Leo Castro

Hot straight Latin stud Leo Castro fucks young lad, Matt Ritchie's ass! Matt loves doing porn and loves doing straight guys even more. Do the straight guys fuck harder? Check out this scene and make your own mind up. I vote YES!

Two Times Twinks Solos

We've got two twink solos for you to enjoy this week. Explore these hot boys as they jerk their cocks and finger their own asses till they explode with sticky cum.

Tanner Wayne & Aiden Kennedy Live in Richmond

It's Jason Spark's job to travel around the country filming hot guys fucking each other on camera. Nice work if you can get it and in Richmond he's captured two particularly hot guys. Deliciously furred Tanner and twinky Aiden - check out the video.

Stephen Price and Cooper Johnson Bareback in Harrisburg

Jason Sparks has got two super hot twinks for this bareback scene. Filmed in Harrisburg Pennsylvania there is great chemistry between these two which heats up when Cooper gets Stephens big cock down his throat.

Mr Wayne, Kash, Young Buck, Brooklyn Bounce & Intrigue - Part 1

The Thugz are doing what they love - smoking and playing cards. If you don't know the rules you soon gonna find yourself naked and sucking dick - that's the rules! Luckily there's plenty of thug dick to suck in this group of playaz.

Robert & Tommy

This week we have Robert, an acting student, with Tommy, who is building up his porn star career at TR. Maybe Tommy can show Robert some tricks of the trade! Will Tommy perform again for the camera? Is Robert ready to launch a new career? Find out in this hot, action-packed update.

Nick Moretti & Tyson James

Hot, hunky, daddy Nick Moretti comes home to find his "boy",Tyson James, naked and ready to go. "Hey Daddy, show me what you can do," Tyson begs coyly. That's all Nick needs to start kissing and stroking Tyson's soft, youthful skin. However, Tyson can't resist the urge to release the beast that is begging to be uncaged from Nick's blue jeans. Tyson wastes no time in gobbling Nick's monster cock. After all, what good boy doesn't enjoy pleasing his daddy? Nick is happy to return the favor. After taking good care of his boy's cock, Nick flips him over to eat Tyson's perfect little tush getting it good and wet. With Tyson's tight little hole ready to go, Nick slides his rock-hard cock deep inside the boy. Tyson moans as his insides are filled by daddy meat. Nick shows us how a true porn god fucks by slamming, pounding, and thrusting in many different positions while making it look easy! It's no surprise that Tyson cums on his own stomach while getting railed. Nick uses that boy-spunk as lube to fuck Tyson a little while longer. When Nick can't hold it any longer, he cums on Tyson's thoroughly worked ass and fucks it right back in.

Brad Holt & Reece Bentley - Reece Owns Twink Boy Brad

Reece has a hot load of cum in his balls, and he's stumbled across the sexy young Brad all tied down and unable to refuse his attentions. The kinky boy has learned a lot about domination, and he uses the flogger to teach Brad how to behave. Beaten and fed Reece's hard inches of cock, it only ends for Brad after he's taken a cum facial and been pissed all over too!

Скачай это ВИДЕО! Connor Maguire Fucks Axel Flint

Bound jock Axel Flint has been helplessly tied over a weight bench in the locker room with his ass high in the air. Connor Maguire can't help but take a mouthful of this exposed booty for himself. After giving Axel's hole a wet lashing with his tongue, Connor pulls out his rock hard jock meat and gets down to some serious pounding. With nowhere to go Axel is plowed until he shoots!

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EricDeman has a new video that exposes the heterosexual tradition in rugby whereby a new teammate strips down naked and is encircled by his teammates. This affirms to the men that they are completely straight and not interested in toying with each others cocks in any way. See more documentary footage of boisterous straight men shamelessly exposing themselves at EricDeman!


Скачай это ВИДЕО! Lesson for a Slut Whore

Master Aron Ridge has ordered his minion, Nubius, to fetch him a fresh piece of meat. Nubius has returned with a submissive fellow named Luc Bonay. As Master Aron surveys the tender Bonay, his wicked sidekick, Draven Torres snickers and salivates. He can't wait for instruction from the Master to pull his cock out and shove it down Bonay's throat. Once the rules have explicitly been explained, Master Aron bestows the name 'Slut Whore' upon Bonay. Then it's a nightmarish series of sexual endurances for the poor young lad. Nubius is sliding his big, fat dick right into Luc's mouth. And the Master himself is slapping the sense out of him. Watch Draven enjoy Luc's warm mouth too as he grins from underneath his evil-sidekick mask. It's more than sweet Luc could have ever imagined when Nubius, Master Aron's go-to henchman, bends him over and slams his hard boner into his tight ass. The black leather outfit they made him wear is becoming very hot and uncomfortable. While he's being fucked hard, Master Aron dips his cock into Luc's open, upside down mouth. It's difficult for Luc not to gag. But once the Master has finally finished ravaging Luc's soft butthole, and Draven is through face fucking the mouth hole again, it's safe to say this slut whore will have been properly broken in...for today, anyway! Enjoy!

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An artist - body painting

Artista from focusgay on Vimeo.

'Clandestinos' (2007), 3m, 24½-27¼m

Es una película española de 2007.El andaluz Xabi, el mexicano Joel y el marroquí Driss escapan de un centro de menores para llegar hasta la capital, donde Xabi quiere contactar con el etarra de Iñaki para poder entrar en la conocida banda terrorista vasca.Una vez en Madrid, conoce a un Guardia Civil retirado y gay, que le trata como a su propio hijo. Pero la suerte no le acompaña....

Fiesta "Mister calzonzillos mojados" en Solera Café & Copas antigua discoteca Elite

Divertida fiesta " elección Mister calzonzillos mojados " en Solera café & Copas antigua discoteca Elite

Tea bag

Don't pass out at a party!!! Lmao

bollock headf

testículos em chamas, gelou no ovo!

coragem mesmo é colocar seu testículo em perigo! Ellyson Victor, Dennys Lucena e Frankly Medeiros..

Dude gets T-Bagged hardcore.

My buddy Jason fell asleep at my wife's 21st birthday party a little too early.
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