Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dominic Pacifico - A Cum Squirting Solo Jerk

Most guys get horny and stiff-dicked after a good work out session (check out all those semi boners in the gym showers next time!) and Dominic likes to take matters into his own hands after a weight session. His delicious cock is ready for action too and he plays with his ass and strokes his meat to a cum eruption!

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New at TheCastingRoom, Lukasz is a sporty young straight guy with an aggressive and sexually charged attitude. As a former champion boxer he has a hard intimidating stare. He has a trim well-trained muscular body. As a disciplined athlete taking directions should be easy for him but the physical challenges presented in posing his body for porn are different from anything he’s experienced before. He works hard to show off his shapely arse and jerks off producing an explosive cum shot.

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Kyle Lawrence is a sweet boy. He does have wild fantasies, though. Lately he's been thinking about another boy named Tyler Banks. Tyler lives down the street and has a very nice body. Kyle's seen him swimming in the lake near the woods. Tyler sometimes shows up at Kyle's house unexpectedly to chit chat. Today happens to be one of those occasions. When Tyler enters Kyle's room, he finds his friend drawing a very explicit picture. It depicts two boys having sex in multiple positions. And the boys in the drawing are labeled 'Kyle' and 'Tyler.' Tyler quickly realizes what he's seeing and surprises Kyle by grabbing the drawing pad. Kyle is very embarrassed. 'You want the real thing?' Tyler asks. From that point, Kyle felt like he was dreaming. Tyler's hard, luscious cock, his smooth, firm ass cheeks, the feel of Kyle's warm, soothing mouth on his own fat boner - it was all surreal. Then Tyler pushed his erection into Kyle's tight, waiting asshole. This feeling was more intense th an anything that could be felt in a dream. As Tyler's cock, the one Kyle had wanted for so long, fucked him gently at first, then fast and hard with a passionate rhythm, Kyle jerked his dick. It was more than just a dream.Enjoy!
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