Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dominic Pacifico & Ian Sol - A Loving Fuck For Sexy Ian

Ian is so handsome, he makes a perfect partner for Dominic. The bottom dude really gets off on sharing his ass with dudes, and he loves the feel of a big hard cock in his ass. Dominic has just what he needs, and after plenty of tasty uncut cock sucking his butt is taking smooth strokes as Dominic eases in and out, until Ian is pumping out his cream and getting Dominic's wad splashed over him too!

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CMNM.NET (Clothed Male/Nude Male)

Freckled stud James is an ambitious young man eager to rise in position and power at the embassy. He’s fully aware he needs to do his time and whatever it takes to please the men in power who now hold his cock and balls in their hands. He stands subserviently at attention while the pervy businessmen stroke and pump his dick till he ejaculates releasing copious amounts of sperm.

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Nicolas Potvin is a trucker and a newcomer who has never done porn before and self identifies as being straight. This 24 year old was recently approached by Marko Lebeau, who found him to be a good looking tight and compact, yet muscled and ripped stud.Marko didn't have a chance to meet up with him for a casting prior to shooting the solo. So, he suggested to Nicolas that they do a webcam-based casting that would turn into his first crack at a porn shoot. Nicolas was on!At 5'7", this 24 year old single dude has hot ripped abs and weighs in at a very nice 160 lbs. His nice 7" cock is uncut and curves to the North when boned-up. But this guy does need to freshen up his underwear wardrobe. We will probably have to help him in this matter.Nicolas showed a light hearted and comfortable attitude when he responded to Marko's question about the size of his dick.. "Oh boy.. Hummm, well how deep is your throat?" was his response.. To which Marko rebutted "well I can take 9 inches". So I guess this may well set the stage for Nicolas' next step in going down the road to gay porn.Nicolas gave Marko a webcam performance worthy of a porn star in the making, checking in with Marko on several occasions, to make sure that his performance was to his viewer's liking!Nicolas gets really into his j/o session and you can tell that cameras and crew are not going to distract this stud from the task at hand. Not one to disappoint, he delivers an intense cum shot spreading his jizz all over his abs. Going into the scene, Nicolas was dead set against the idea of going any further than a solo. But, when all was said and done, this 24 year old trucker just said: "Let's do it again!" So stay tuned for more from this suburban Montrealer.

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