Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Something is burning at EricDeman and only this strapping fire chief can put it out. In the snow this hunky lad whips his cock out and strips off completely in the open to jack off in a very pleasing show of exhibitionism taken to the extreme!

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NextDoorTwink.com: Bed Head

Brayden Michaels & Max McQueen need to make the bed and get on with their day, but it's really not going very smoothly. Sure, the bed needs making, but it's just so much more fun to make a mess. Tossing around pillows and rustling the sheets, it becomes obvious to Brayden that Max is less interested in neatness than he is in other things. So they begin to horseplay, pulling each other's clothes off in the process. Both fully naked now, Brayden sees Max's hard on and so he drops his mouth onto the throbbing head. Max pushes Brayden down deeper onto it, gagging him and fucking up into his mouth as he lay on his back. Brayden loves the taste of Max's cock filling his mouth, and in turn, he swells to maximum hardness, stroking it as he sucks. Max bends him over and slowly inches his cock inside Brayden's waiting ass. Brayden winces on insertion and Max eases himself in and out. Brayden's tight hole gives way and Max pumps him from behind, but Brayden decides that before they fini sh, he'd like a little ass himself, so they switch places, and Brayden bends Max over the side of the bed, placing his hand on Max's back and thrusting his hard dick deep inside his friend, as Max throws his head back and his blond hair flops from one side to the other, before both guys shoot their loads onto one another as the sun begins its climb into the sky to begin the day.Enjoy!

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Darren Burton Straight Acting Darren Wanks

Darren is the kind of guy a lot of us love to get it on with. He looks pretty straight, and he's cute and inked too, but what makes him special is that this guy is all about getting fucked in the ass! We were glad to have him arrive for an interview and a wank, and after seeing him stroking that tasty looking cut cock and squirting out a cum shot, we're looking forward to having him back soon!

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HotHouse.com: Champs (Scene 3)

Alex Andrews has no shame when it comes to cruising the locker room. When Aiden Connors' tight little ass catches his eye he orders the young stud to get on all fours and probes his hole with his tongue. The public ass-eating makes Aiden's hard cock pop out of his jockstrap and demand Alex's attention. After sucking his buddy's dick Alex stands up and whips out his huge uncut monster and forces it down Aiden's hungry throat. The cock-hungry kid swallows Alex's giant meat then rolls over to take it up his ass. Alex fucks his teammate hard until both blow winning loads.

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