Sunday, June 9, 2013

Luke Desmond & Darius Hung Boys Flip Fucking!

With their tight bodies, good looks and immense uncut cocks, Darius and Luke make an amazing couple. The guys are into each other too, knowing how to handle such generously proportioned manhoods! The guys swap blow jobs before swapping ass too, with Luke slamming his buddy before giving up his own hole and ending up coated in two immense cum shots!

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The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek secretly filmed a team showering in a football clubhouse. These buff guys are recorded without their knowing they are being spied on. Hot new voyeuristic action!

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Kaua & Jacson

Cum On My Face

Zack Taylor & Garrett Cooper BAREBACK in Detroit

Reese Mitchell Solo


Wet Lovers Young Romantics

From the very start, the two felt chemistry. Tyler Banks was in line at a hotdog stand when George Miles rode up on his scooter. Their eyes met and they fell in love. They started fucking two days later. Every time was like Heaven. Now it's been a while, but the flames of passion still burn. On a lazy afternoon, while Tyler sleeps, George sneaks into his room. He wants to see how far he can get without waking up his snoozing angel. He starts by very lightly stroking Tyler's leg. He works his way up to the bulge in his underwear. Carefully, he flicks his tongue over it, just barely making contact. But eventually Tyler wakes up to find his boyfriend ready to suck his large cock. George enjoys Tyler's meat for a while before climbing on the bed so Tyler can get a taste of his fat dick. After face fucking Tyler's warm mouth for a while, George lets Tyler slide his boner into that sweet hole and pound him hard. Then it's George's turn to slam Tyler's tight ass. Watch these incre dibly cute boys let romance rule as they mix intense passion with ravenous desire.Enjoy!

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Top Up Down Bottom